Speak truth after drinking。Wang Youcai wanted to get Aunt Wang drunk,Hear what she says about them。As a result, Aunt Wang said,Not only is Wang Youcai happy,Even Julan smiled suddenly。

Just finished drinking a bottle of wine,Aunt Wang pushed the table,Fall asleep on the kang。Julan shook her head helplessly。Fortunately, Aunt Wang slept on her big kang,Julan covered her with a quilt,Don’t worry about other things。
Wang Youcai helped Julan put the dishes in the kitchen。Wang Youcai wanted to get tired of holding Julan for a while。Ke Julan said:“Go back and rest early,Come to me whenever you feel better,You look like this,We can all suffer”
Wang Youcai listened,I think Julan is right。Moreover,He has been out today all day,I don’t know what happened between Ma Hongfang and Liu Ying.。He should go back and have a look。
Wang Youcai kissed Julan’s white tender cheeks,Quickly walked out of the gate of Julan’s house。at this time,The sky is dark,No one can be seen in the distance。
The broken jeep parked not far from the gate of Julan’s house,Wang Youcai opened the car door and got in,Then drove back to his residence。
Liu Ying opened the door,This woman looks upset。No wonder,Ever since Ma Hongfang came,Liu Ying fell out of favor,She never went to Wang Youcai’s bed even once。
What is terrible,She still cooks and serves these two people every day。
Wang Youcai understands women’s minds best,It’s not that he doesn’t understand,But he deliberately pretended to be deaf and stupid,Because some things can’t make you ugly.。
Wang Youcai parked the car,Didn’t go back to his office,But went to Liu Ying’s room。Liu Ying, who was about to close the door, saw that Wang Youcai was here,I couldn’t help but smile。
“Did you go to the wrong place?!”Liu Ying pretended to be angry and said。
Wang Youcai did not speak,But two steps into Liu Ying’s house。Room is a bit small,It may be the reason why the cold wind will come in,Liu Ying waited for Wang Youcai to enter and closed the door。
Wang Youcai took a look at Liu Ying’s room,Twisted and sat on the edge of the bed。The quilt on Liu Ying’s bed was spread out,The reason is that she has an electric blanket on her bed,Afraid of heat loss。
“I’ve wronged you these two days”Wang Youcai smiled slightly,Whispered。
Liu Ying raised her neck and said:“It’s nothing!You are the boss,Let me do anything,Just let people wait for such a woman,I feel uncomfortable”