“Now,How is the outside situation??”

Wang Ding said here,He,Members of a Central Plains Chamber of Commerce come here。
This person shakes his head against Wang Ding.,I don’t forget it.。
“Now,Situation is not very wonderful。”
Along with this person,At this time, Wang Ding’s consciousness looked at the eye.。
The more this situation is now,In fact, for Wang Ding。
Next thing,In fact, basically,Already fully http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn placed。
The more you now,Wang Ding itself,The more you look, the more you know.。
“what,how so?”
“did not expect,In order to deal with us,All of them,Still caught pain。”
When Wang Ding said to this,Other people around you,Also connected to the head。
Say something wrong,but now,at this point,All of them,How should I deal with this matter??
In fact, such a thing,All of them,It doesn’t think so much。
Can now be in this case,these questions,It is already placed here.。
so,At the same time as Wang Ding。
At this time, Wang Ding is a touch of smile in his mouth.。
After all, I will follow it.,These problems themselves,In fact, it is necessary to speed up the speed.。
“Humph,Give me a command,Let everyone be prepared。”
“J,Dare to break into here,Kill innocent!”
Wang Ding’s face,It is even http://www.shengshifw.cn more spicy look.。
In Wang Ding’s side,Surroundings,In fact, I think so.。
Since it is now,Then this matter,It is ready to。
“The president said yes.,In fact, we have already planned to do this.。”
“If you have now,So next,Let’s first prepare for preparation is the key.。”
“In fact, if you really start from this step.,Let’s everyone now,It has fully occupied this。”
slowly,With those people around,I didn’t forget it here.。
The more this situation is now,In fact, here。
Wang Ding itself,Have already seen it.。
But when Wang Ding, I still plan to say something to this.。
not http://www.lightera.cn far away,Then suddenly, a ringing。
Wang Ding’s sight,Falling in front of you。
It is seen,There have been someone over there to come over.。
Treat these,In fact, how should I deal with these problems?。
Itself,This is actually,It is not important to come.。
“interesting,Prepare so full。”
“These,Are you prepared for me??”
When Wang Ding looked here,At this time, he bite his teeth.。