The 7th Sichuan University Student Surveying and Mapping Skills Competition was held in Chengdu University

Original title: The 7th Sichuan Provincial College Student Skills Skills Competition held online virtual simulation test in Chengdu University, the epidemic epidemic Times Skills Skills Competition, October 31, 2021, "Southern Surveying Cup" 7th University Student Mapping Skills Competition in Chengdu University was held. The event was hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, and the Sichuan Province Sichuan Province Sichuan Institute of Geographic Information Society, Sichuan Province Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Society Education and Science Work Committee, Guangzhou Southern Surveying and Mapping Technology Co., Ltd. Co-organizer Co-organizer. The opening ceremony of the contest was held at the Report Office of the New Library of Chengdu University. The School Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice President Wang Xiaolun, the chief engineer of Sichuan Province Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau, Zeng Yan, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Province Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Association, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Tan Mingjian, Secretary General of Sichuan Province Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Association, Qihua, Director of Sichuan University of Science and Technology, Qi Hui, Xu Hui Xi, Vice President of Sichuan Construction Vocational and Technical College, Judging President of this Competition, Deputy General of Chengdu Survey and Surveying and Mapping The engineer Zou Renjun participated in the opening ceremony.

A total of 67 expert referees and technicians and technicians, school academic services, students, and civil schools, colleges, and teachers and students of the School of Education, Student Office, Create School of Engineering, House Committee, Civil Engineering College At the opening ceremony, a total of more than 500 teams of the province’s 31 undergraduate entrance colleges and colleges and teams were simultaneously viewed on the spot.

Wang Xiaolu introduced the development of school profile and surveying and mapping engineering, as well as achievements in the integration of science and education in recent years, the integration of education and education, application talent training, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

He pointed out that this competition introduced the virtual simulation test technology, using the player online entry, the evaluation of the judges under the evaluation of the evaluation, actively exploring the new mode of the test skills in the era of the epidemic. The school will also seize the opportunity to host this event, further explore and enrich the carrier of innovative talents, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities and local industry units in the province, and cultivate the high-quality application model. Talents and innovative entrepreneurial talents Contribute.

Zeng Yanwei pointed out that the rapid development of Sichuan Province’s surveying and mapping directors for higher education is more urgent than ever.

Sichuan College Student Surveying Skills Competition is an important part of the training of colleges and universities in our province. It is the main starting of the training of surveying and mapping talents. It is a good measures for cultivating talents and good platforms.

I hope that the colleges and universities will take this competition as an opportunity to promote school, promote their own professional practice skills, and cultivate innovative and entrepreneurship, and provide theoretical level for the development of innovative entrepreneurial skills to the development of innovative entrepreneurship skills. High, hardware and software has strong operational ability, and has a mapping professional talent with craftsmen. Chen Defu, General Manager of Chengdu Branch of Guangzhou Southern Surveying and Mapping Technology Co., Ltd., said in his speech that with the development of Internet data, virtual simulation and artificial intelligence technology, surveying technology has revolutionary changes, which will further promote and deepen school-enterprise cooperation Therefore, vigorously support the discipline competition, and cultivate high-quality applications and mapping talents in the society and cultivate high-quality applications. At the opening ceremony, the Department of Natural Resources Department, the third geographic information system, the artist, Chengdu University, Chen Xiuheng, also made an oath of the referee group and the contestants.

In the closing ceremony, the competition referee Chang Zou Ren has technical comments. He pointed out that the discipline competition is an effective means of teaching results inspected. This competition not only improves students’ practical ability to practice, team awareness and professional technology, more cultivating students do not forget traditional, continuing spirit, love the motherland, loyal cause Memorial spirit.

Tan Mingjian highly praised Chengdu University as the efforts and payment of the contractor. He pointed out that this competition is the second Sichuan University Student Skills Skills Competition Harried by Chengdu University. An innovative experience in the practice teaching reform of surveying and mapping disciplines, providing a good platform for the provincial surveying and mapping college students. It is understood that this competition is 4 hours long, and the method of patching techniques for participating players are used in a manner in which virtual simulation techniques are combined with digital map technology.

On the virtual simulation surveying platform provided by the organizing committee, the contestants completed the industry measurement, and the results were drawn through SouthMap digitized.

After the competition order referee, after the examination room, nearly 100 invigilation equipment underline will be used to supervise and supervise the insights without the community of the entrance college line, and build a new model of the test and mapping competition line, fully guarantee this year. Order and fairness of the competition.

In the end, the day after 5 hours of referee evaluation and score, this competition has produced 7 professional group first prizes, 14 second prizes, 20 third prizes. Generated 10 non-professional group first prizes, 21 second prizes, 31 third prizes.

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