Skinny buttocks buttocks kick your luxurious buttocks

Skinny buttocks buttocks kick your luxurious buttocks

Don’t think that thick winter clothes can cover your imperfect figure.

But your “luxury buttocks” will also make people stay away.

Sagging chests, broken bones, too much are all killers that make you attractive.

If you don’t want to be a woman with no lines, come to practice thin buttocks and beautiful buttocks, plus beautiful buttocks and thin buttocks products, so that you can sculpt the devil figure.

  Lazy people reduced to housing companies want to spread at the first sight?

Hip loss!

It’s better to spend 15 minutes a day to thin your hips easily.

The following actions are simple and easy to learn, and are most suitable for beginners who are too lazy, and even fat people who have difficulty in moving will have no problem!

(Highest difficulty with ★★★★★) Seated reduction goal: Tighten hips and inner and outer thighs Disadvantages: ★★ Times: Repeat the above action 3 times, 10 times each

  Sit down with your feet extended to the hip width, and use both hands to enlarge the outside of the leg and push inward. Keep your feet still for about 10 seconds.

Or enlarge the leg fracture with both hands, push it out as far as possible, and keep it still for about 10 seconds.

  Comment: Can modify the legs to the thigh line, I’m afraid of getting thick buttocks, the most suitable for TV while doing.

  Back foot goal: improve and firm buttocks. Disadvantages: ★ ★ ★ lie down, support your body with both hands, raise your left foot, remember not to bend, maintain for 10 seconds.

Do left and right casts 30 times each.

  Comment: Many beginners have been shaking hands and feet for a few times, so you can gradually increase the number of times, and do it well.

  Swing left and right target: Slim waist beautiful buttocks Disadvantages: ★ ★ Sit on the fitness ball, the upper body is not moving, only use the lower limbs to swing the lower plate to the left and right, repeat the action until you feel tired.

  Comment: It’s very easy to twist and twist on the fitness ball. The waist and hips have exerted strength, but it is not hard at all.

  Target of playing wave wave: Tightening and increasing waist strength. Disadvantages: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 唔 want to widowed, you can buy a fitness wave, look at the twist and unscrew to subtract the hips, ball elasticity has increased the fun index!

As long as you lie on your back on the exercise ball, work hard on the back, lift your lower body as much as possible, and keep it for 10 seconds.

Repeat 10 times.

  Comment: The quality is high, the action is like an arch bridge, but the effect is wrong!

  Foot lifting sandbag goal: Tighten the hips to make S ‘body more prominent. Disadvantages: ★★★ Attach the sandbag to the feet, lie on the comb, raise one foot, maintain it for 10 seconds, and repeat 30 times for each foot.

  Comment: The best choice for sandbags is 3-5 pounds, which can enhance the effect of stowage.

  Eat enough food to return to the company as usual, stop with both hands, stop eating immediately after eating lunch, it is best to walk for 15 minutes, otherwise it will cause edema and stomachache.

Introduce 2 actions. Everyone, you can continue working just 15 minutes after finishing the sun!

  Kick left kick right target: break up the hip side Slightly shortcomings: ★ ★ 1, support the back of the chair with both hands, the right toe is an inch off the ground, and kicked about half a meter to the left.

  2. Kick back to the right.

Go back and forth 20 times, and change your feet.

  Elevated foot comment: After the calf is paralyzed, even the muscles are tightened.

  Goals: Make your hips to your calves longer. Disadvantages: ★ ★ Support the back of the chair with both hands, lift your toes for 30 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

  Comment: Remember to hold a dirty stool, avoid wearing high heels or boots to do this action, it will be more difficult.

  Pants are so thin that in addition to sportswear, there are more and more body-slimming products launched. In addition to massage creams, completely fat-removing stickers and slim-fitting pants that are completely lazy, are all non-marking products, that is, useNo one knows!

  The magic concave-convex wave pattern pants special concave-convex waves can reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous abdomen and achieve massaging, slimming and beautiful buttocks after wearing; the V-shaped knit design of the lower abdomen can adjust the pressure of the lower abdomen, and the long-term wear can make the tip curve more round and charming.