Even higher@Tide!

As an automotive engineer,At a glance, they can see that this car adopts the layout of the most favorite mid-mounted rear drive in European and American high-performance sports cars.,Oh……forget,The boss just said to use four-wheel drive,That is the structure of the center 4WD,Not only can achieve front and rear axles50:50Perfect axle load ratio……
But this is not the point!
The point is,After seeing such a perfect rendering,They were still fighting against,A totally uncontrollable thought came up in my heart、A strong possessiveness:Produced!Must do everything possible、Produce this car at all costs,then……I must buy one!
This idea is strong、Enthusiastic,I was fed ten and eight powerful springs with a man@medicine、Then after the medicine was effective, he put a peerless beauty in front of him、As strong and enthusiastic as scratching his head,Uncontrolled entirely from instinct。
Anderson is no exception!
Staring blankly at the car on the rendering,He jumped up suddenly:“boss,This car must be made!Must be done!Oh, God!This is the most precious gift God has given to the world……”
He was even a little incoherent with excitement。
PS:Brothers, please wait a few minutes。
I heard that there are renderings,Everyone’s spirits instantly lifted,Although the effect picture is like that,There are still thousands of miles away from the cost,But at least after I have the renderings, I know what I finally made.,Just beautiful enough,I feel comfortable。
Even the Anderson who just kept opposing,I am also full of expectations for this rendering:For my boss’ talent in car design,He never doubted。
When this one-open effect picture was hung on the mobile whiteboard that was urgently pulled over,Everyone held their breath:So beautiful!