“The immortal master has not yet told how to renovate the two adobe houses?”The old man hurriedly got up,Naturally, I never forget Feng Shui。

“The firewood room should be used for him。”Li Tianchou shook his head and smiled bitterly。
Leaving the Zhang Family Courtyard,Li Tianchou went to Mill Village,I really found Zhang Ziqiang’s childhood playmates,One of the uncles holding the baby recognized the portrait in Li Tianchou’s hands at a glance,Continuous channel,“Is a hadron,It’s him,Before joining the army,I remember he was wearing this suit。”
The portrait was painted by Li Tianchou,Repeatedly compare with the black and white photo in my mind,There shouldn’t be much discrepancy。
Uncle、The aunts recalled old things with little value,But Li Tianchou still wrote down carefully one by one,Then left。
Next stop,Naturally the county seat,Zhang Ziqiang’s mother’s maiden name is Liang,My sister is Zhang Zicui,But no one in the village can tell where they live,Li Tianchou also expected it would not go well,So in no hurry。
Follow the instructions of the villagers,Li Tianzhen first went to the Zhang family ancestral grave in the back mountain of Mofang Village,On the southeast slope of Mid-Levels Col,There are large tombs scattered along the mountain,I’m afraid there are as many as sixty to seventy graves.。
The two rows of grave head inscriptions on the top are exquisite,But many digital traces have fallen off,Even mottled,I’m afraid it’s been some years,Some have been renovated with glazed tiles,I expected to be a direct ancestor。
It’s much simpler and more compact with the following,Glance over,Li Tianzhen did not find the name he was looking for,Then bypass the col,There are also a few simple graves on the northeast slope,He finally saw Zhang Ziqiang’s father,Tomb of Zhang Mugen。
Chapter five hundred and forty eight Missing
These simple earthen-like graves are probably the graves of the ancestors of Zhang Ziqiang’s branch,Most don’t even have a tombstone,The exception is Zhang Mugen,But the tombstone is also quite rough,The monument is painted with black paint,Engraved in red,But crooked,Feels out of order。
The wormwood around seems to have just been cleaned,Especially what surprised Li Tianzhi was the three small blue and white bowls on the brick table in front of the monument.,Although the tribute inside is gone,,But in the middle half of the bowl of millet, there is still three sticks of incense burning to the roots。
Did the Liang mother and daughter just come here??But why didn’t the villagers mention it??
Li Tianchou picked up the incense head and put it on the tip of his nose and smelled it,Slightly drunk,Pungent smoke,It seems that it was not long before it went out。
Liang brought her daughter to worship her husband,How can I cross the village but not enter??Recalling that none of the villagers in the village had any prejudices and complaints against Zhang Ziqiang’s family.,Something logically doesn’t make sense。
Or other relatives, friends and old friends come to worship,But who will it be?Unfortunately a step too late,Did not see the real person,Li Tianchou is not too anxious,Thoughtful,Out of the village,Go straight to the highway leading to the county seat。
Honggu County is not small,Nearly 100,000 population,Want to visit Liang’s mother and daughter is a needle in a haystack,But now the household registration management is networked,If you can have a friend from the police,,It must be twice the result with half the effort,Save a lot of trouble。