Public offering partial stock funds severely lighten up: sell oil petrochemical pharmaceutical trade retail

Public offering partial stock funds severely lighten up: sell oil petrochemical pharmaceutical trade retail

Last week, the science and technology board opened, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes finally closed weekly after experiencing shocks. However, data show that public equity partial funds have significantly reduced their positions this week.

  In the past two days, a permanent research institution released a fund position test report, which is called a similar label.

  Taking National Securities as an example, its latest position information summary shows that the week of July 22 to July 26, stock funds reduced their positions 2 from July 15 to July 19.

58%, the second consecutive week to lighten up, the current position is 86.

52%; mixed funds lighten up 3 times a week.

17% to 69.

16%, this type of fund in the previous statistical period for a small increase in positions1.


  The report released by the Everbright Securities financial engineering research team pointed out that according to estimates, the average position of stock funds was 83 on the termination of July 26.

79%, about 4 last week temporarily.

02 single; the average position of partial stock hybrid funds is 82.

03%, cancelled about 2 last week.

85 averages.

  According to the data from the Good Buy Fund Research Center, from July 22 to July 26, partial stock funds as a whole significantly reduced their positions6.

44%, current position is 59.


Among them, the stock fund positions decreased by 2.

98%, standard hybrid fund positions fell by 6.

90%, the current positions are 85.

59% and 55.


  Historically measured positions of public equity partial funds On July 22, the first batch of listed companies of the Science and Technology Innovation Board were officially listed for trading, and a number of public fund managers told surging news reporters that they chose to sell the new shares of the Science and Technology Innovation Board allocated in the primary market.

The position of public equity partial funds has decreased significantly and is the operation related?

  Jia Zhi, head of the Tianxiang Investment Gu Investment Research Center, told the surging news reporter that the number of public funds holding science and technology board accounts for a small proportion of public equity funds, so the main reason for the decline in positions is obviously not the sale of new shares in science and technology board.

  Jia Zhi believes that in partial equity funds, the position of equity positions in mixed funds is relatively small, because such funds usually do some timing operations. However, considering the public offering is a relative return, such changes, andNot as a clear signal.

  The Good Buying 杭州桑拿 Fund Research Center believes that, as a whole, last week, public equity partial funds significantly reduced positions, and the nominal position adjustment was in the same direction as the active position adjustment, and the active position adjustment was greater than the nominal position adjustment.

At present, the position of public equity partial fund is generally at the historical median level.

  Specifically, in terms of industry allocation ratio, last week, the fund industry allocation was mainly by adding positions to banks, food and beverage, and actual, with a range of 1.

07%, 0.

49% and 0.

37%; the fund mainly lightens up the three industries of petroleum and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and commerce and retail, the lighten up margins were 1.

50%, 1.

00% and 0.


  The changes in the industry 杭州桑拿 are specific to the industry sector. Last week, the top three industries with fund allocation ratios were banks, catering and tourism, and food and beverages, with allocation positions of 5 respectively.

63%, 5.

52% and 5.

29%; the three industries behind the fund allocation ratio are the defense industry, automotive and machinery, and the allocation positions are 0.43%, 0.

75% and 0.


  Industry configuration