“So there is so much attention,Have long experience。”Populus Suddenly。

“Hu Ge,Do you want to be so funny?”
“Hu Ge this acting,Dump some small fresh meat a few streets。”
“Hu Ge,When to go to sea to make a movie?Looking forward to your work。”
“Find the number。”
But Datong still feels good about himself,I heard this praise from Hu Yang,More proud。
“Listen to this voice,Absolutely authentic。”Talking,Qian Datong tapped the bronze mirror,Let Hu Yang listen to that voice。
Also told Populus,The new imitation bronze mirror and the old bronze mirror are very different in sound。Old bronze mirrors generally have a low voice、Mellow。The new imitation bronze mirror has a crisper sound,Even harsh。
After listening to Populus,Continue nodding:“sound,It is indeed an old thing。Uncle,I like this bronze mirror,Can you cut love?”
Qian Datong thought he had fooled Populus euphratica,Behaved quite calmly。
“There is a word,Little brother is right,We do have fate。In that case,I’ll give you this bronze mirror cheaper!How about ten thousand?
Common Bronze Mirror Quotes,Generally speaking,The Mirror with Mountain Characters in the Warring States Period and the Mirror with Rui Beast and Grape in Tang Dynasty、Four Gods, Zodiac Mirror, etc.,Single mirror price6000-2Between ten thousand yuan。