“Delicacies,Give up,Tiancai Dibao,Can enter my belly。Takayama Osawa,Meal Wind Drink Dew,Between the world and the earth。”The old nun smiled like a flower,Speak calmly。

It sounds like you can’t answer it at all,Lu Menglin and the other two had to bury their heads in dinner,Soon, all the dishes and medicated meals in the banquet were wiped out。
After eating,Lu Menglin rubbed his stomach,Smiled:“I plan to go to the hospital to see that kid,what about you?Want to be together?”
Zhong Liying smiled and shook her head,She is now the pillar of Legendary Pictures,There are many publicity announcements to run every day,This meal has already given boss Lu enough face!
Chen Jiannan also shook his head,Tao:“I have an appointment for fourteenKBoss Hu drinking tea,He will bring people from the money laundering group,I won’t go。”
“Ok,Then I can go with Aunt Ba。Eight aunt,You really don’t eat anymore?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
The old nun shook her head,Reached out and pulled out the black cloth cap on top of his head,Stand up first,Walk out the door。
Hong Kong Island University Hospital,Inpatient Department。
When Lu Menglin and Aunt Eight came here,Through the long corridor,Came to the fourth floor407Ward。
The little girl named Liu Feiran is in the front ward,His father was the prison guard surnamed Liu who burned Tuoba evil to death in Stanley Prison。
Lu Menglin and Aunt Eight arrived at the door of the ward,I heard fierce quarrels and crying from inside,Crowded。
“His dad is gone,I am his uncle,Is his first guardian。Do you understand the law?What right do you have to prevent me from going through the discharge procedure for him?”
The growl of an adult man came from the ward。
“I warn you,I’m a lawyer!You better go through the discharge procedures for me obediently,Refund!We have to go home for conservative treatment!Smelly,Just roll aside!”The man’s voice continued to roar。
“Do not,I will not be discharged!I want dad!”There was a clear cry of the little girl in the room。
“Your dad went far, far away,Niece, you are good,Can you go to uncle’s house??Aunt made you some food,Cousin and cousin will play with you。”A fat middle-aged
Women sitting by the bed,Speak very softly。
“Do not,I dont go!My dad said,I have surgery,I have to go to school after the operation。”The little girl said in a crisp voice。
The uncle who claims to be a lawyer is obviously very angry,Extremely rude roar:“Do a fart surgery,How can you have money for surgery?You ask them,Dare to operate on you?”