At this time, Lu Menglin also cheered up,Started to take it seriously。

boom!The two Daemon Gengoro clash together again,Gengoro, the gate of the silk blood, behaved more strongly,In a small contact space,Made a series of actions。
Obviously just one punchKOother side,But Gengoro, the dark boy’s gate, seemed very hesitant,Or rather wretched,Did not rashly attack,Instead, keep shrinking the front,Retreat,Retreat again。
There was an incomprehensible boo from all around。
now,Lu Menglin’s eyes flashed a triumphant flame,Because this is his rebirth to this age,For the first time I met a guy who can keep up with my own rhythm,interesting,So funny。
Finally able to find the fun of the game again,Lu Menglin smiled,Control the game characters with unparalleled concentration,Made various tactical moves time and time again。
Time passes by,Only the last ten seconds left in this round,The scene still presents an extremely delicate situation。
at last,The black and thin boy was caught by Lu Menglin with a fleeting, subtle flaw,Hit the bottom plate with a light leg again,An unpredictable roll down,Punch the opponent,Then immediately call for earthquakes,Knocked down the blood volume to only one-fifth。
“Light leg!He still has to use light legs!”Gengoro, the gate of the black and thin boy, just stood straight from the ground,He can’t think about it,Subconscious squat defense。
Because only squatting defense,In order to prevent the light leg attack。
The black and thin boy knows very well,I just need to guard against this wave,Drag to the end of time,He will win by the advantage of HP。
Talking late,Then soon!Lu Menglin’s gate, Gengoro, has been suppressed.。
Only the last two seconds left,Just when everyone’s heart caught their throat,Lu Menglin’s hands are fast,A sudden step backward,So everyone can’t understand。
“Hug,Hug!”Lu Menglin’s next move,Let the little four eyes behind him shout with excitement,