Still not a man?Yelling at this time?

finally,Li Peng was still taken away,Because other residents think this person is annoying。
In fact, Qin Feng thinks so too。Why are you crying this night?Besides,This kind of person doesn’t teach him a lesson,He won’t be afraid,In the future, I will do some things that do not know the height of the sky。
of course,Qin Feng called to the hospital that night,Asked about Li Sen。The latter is already awake,But my face is not so good。These are what the doctor said。
Qin Feng thought for a while,Let it be removed,Not doing Dongcheng Hotel。
After all, on May Day,So much traffic,It’s not very good that other people’s business is delayed。Because he also knows,Many people have shares in that hotel。That is to say, to give Qin Feng face, he didn’t mention it。
Next day,The May Day holiday is finally here。
Even Jiang Yan put down the job at hand,So people in a house can travel abroad happily。But because it’s just a small holiday,So the place where everyone goes is not far。Just go shopping over the island country。
A few girls actually tend to gohLook at Oppa,Plus you can buy a lot of things over there。But Jiang Yan said,She is going there to meet a friend at work,If you can,Can negotiate a big deal by the way。So the final destination can only be an island country。
Qin Feng doesn’t think much about where to go,Who is the main point?。
Three beauties,I can’t hold them all,Qin Feng felt a little excited when he thought of this place。
“Hey,Qin Feng,Pay attention to your saliva!”
Driving on the road,Everyone looked dissatisfied with Qin Feng’s expression。
“Damn,Go to the island country!”
“Hey,Do you do something shameful when you go to an island country?”
“What are you talking about,I heard that many celebrities over there are approachable,Will have zero or even negative contact with others,So I am curious!”