However, it is true that Huashan is derived from the eagle“Reality”,The eagle door has also borrowed Huashan School.“name”,Grand out of the moment。

This time“Heroic conference”of,It is also a deputy!
Twitter chapter Wind
The list of Chu Deirers,Also confident,In addition, there is still no information,Stepping on time……
certainly,Not all bad news,In addition to these people,There are also a lot of caravation of Wudang,At this time, there have been a lot of opening.,It is estimated that Yu Lianzhou and Zhang Songxi will first see them.。
Chu Deirers,All the way from Wudang to Kaifeng,It’s all right to hurry.,but……The pigeon is not a few days.。
Hengshan Pie can be attached to its own nun,A site,Relay flying pigeon,Wudang is natural!
Song Duanqiao arrived in Wudang in Chu Deirers,After discussing with other four people,I have already put the pigeon to get the next side by the pigeon.、And some“friend”。
At this time, there are important people to come.,Give Yu Jiyan and Zhang Songxi Zhuangxiang。
Huang Rong、Mu Yuqing now lives in Juxianzhuang,Anyway, you can eat a bug——That is to eat your、Drink you,Also have to marry you。
Chu Deer has hesitatedly,Annectaneus does not know people,Returning and tossing,Do you want……Coping at Qunfuyuan for one night?
Think here,Chu Debans Face。
“What else can you have??”Woman in the joint asks。
“you……never mind,Nothing!”Chu Deirers feel that the boys can’t be so casual,Firm turn to leave。
After returning to the inn,This night,Chu Deirers cultivated“Fairy”Especially high!
Turn over,March 15,Juxianzhuang Heroes Conference……
Kansai’s fast knife prayed 6、Xiangdong towards the sea、No money Bao Qianling,Three rivers and lakes who have been famous for their names,At this time, I came to Ju Xiangzhuang.——Because the three people travel around,At this time,Catch up with this。
Three people come in,As soon as mysterious, I found a double male.,After two sentences,Bao Qianling is careful:“Xue Shen doctor、Two readers,I have something to ask,This time the guest……Is there a Qiaofeng??”
Hurry、Foal、Xue Muhua:???
Three sponsored faces,Be full“What’s wrong with you”、“Do you not know today?”、“Don’t you really want to be desperate with Qiao Feng”……
Tour the language:“Let us are no nameless posts.,I want to come in,Bao brother asked,But because you and Qiao Feng’s?”
“Neither,Don’t misunderstand,In fact, yesterday we met Qiaofeng in the inn.……Hey,At that time, we slept too much.,I don’t know if he entered the room.,That Joe is secretly coming in,Will our most important thing……”
A large group of martial arts people surrounded……
“……That is, on the weapon.,Leave a note!”Bao Qian Lingyi,Said that I took a note from my arms.。
Write four big words——Qiao Feng!
Everyone see,Not in your heart,only……It is already late now.,If you are afraid of death,It’s better to die.。
“Morning Joe is looking for us,Also let us give you a word,It is also coming to this hero meeting.!”Bao Qianling,Feel a little quiet。
So I laughed:“Hahaha,I think this is God.,He is from Luo Net!”
“Heaven helps me Han family martial arts……”
“Call him blood bond blood。”
Everyone is weak and has a few words.。
“Qiao Feng is not a reckless person,Really will come to the hero meeting?”Dairy is depressed。
indeed,Qiao Feng is a cool、Heroic,with“Hooligan”Two nature,Three major tests、Seven credits、Order Beibei help heart clothes,One degree with personal charm and martial arts,Apricot, apricot, apricot, apricot,Will there be a brain??
“Do not say Qiaofeng,Everyone should hear it.,The red white is too old in Kaifeng,Also say that he wants to come to the heroic conference!”
“Although this person is derogatory,But is also evil,If it is true,I am afraid that the enemy is unknown.!”
“kindness?No way?How do I heard that he is still in the front??”
“I heard that it is in Wudang.,It should be to participate in Wudang Sanqing Festival.?”