The 15th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party Yushu City Victory Closing

Lin Xiaoming emphasized that with this conference, the conference is a sign, the reform of the eucalyptus, the rise of the revitalization is standing in the new historical starting point, the horn has already blown, the journey is open. The "one center, four strong market" development strategy determined by the General Assembly, "a lead, two guarantees, three doubled" development goals, "Building a city, build strong park, Jianmei village" three major projects, inheriting history, Based on the moment, look at the future, rich in challenges, full of hope. Only the wonderful brilliance, the brilliant blueprints that have been drawn, and the beautiful blueprints depicted in the party will not be able to develop the reality. I will wait for a moment. I will be slow, I have to condense the career, my heart is not fortunate. Grasping, and go all out to grasp. Go all efforts to implement the implementation, we must firm political direction.

To strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership, in-depth study and propaganda, implement the spirit of this conference, and effectively put the idea and action of the city to the decision-making deployment of the General Assembly, and condense the intelligence and strength to the target task of achieving the conference, truly The Spirit of the Party Congress into the Vivid Practice of the Rise of Eucalyptus Revitalization. Go all efforts to implement and implement, and must go deep into the idea. In the face of the new situation, complete new tasks, achieve new goals, must change the concept, improve the understanding, constantly strengthen system thinking, global vision, open awareness, and guide development with new ideas, and crack the problem with new initiatives. Go all efforts to grasp, you must hammered hard work.

In accordance with the deployment of the party context, the lock target is not shaken, biting the Qingshan does not relax, not to let go, you can’t let go, you have to do things, the truth, the truth, with a high level, hard style, real work, to strengthen the work, The actual action interpretation takes the first, and the company is prostitute.

Go all efforts to grasp, and must condense development.

The party organizations at all levels, leading cadres at all levels must focus on the party and the people’s career, with the overall development overall development, strengthen the overall, collaborative, and linkage, lead the unity of cadres in the cadres in the actual action, and work hard. Dear representatives must take the lead in and take the lead in implementing the party congress to deploy, be a good pioneer, do a good look, and make a good head. The Communist Party members of the city should act quickly. In the respective positions, the party will be deployed, and the beautiful blueprints of the party will be engraved on the Eucalyptus earth.

Lin Xiaoming emphasizes that in the past, the current can be, the future is available in the future.

There is a scientific guide in Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking, there is a strong leader of the Party Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and Changchun Municipal Committee, with the joint efforts of the masses of the majority of party members and cadres in the city, and the beautiful prospects depicting the city’s fifteenth party generation will certainly Turning into reality, the tomorrow of the eucalyptus will be more beautiful. At 10:55 am, the 15th Congress of the Communist Party of China has successfully completed the agenda, and it was successfully closed in the solemn international singing. (Editor: Guan Si Cong, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.