Chengdu Market Supervision Bureau investigated the first case of counterfeit and effective patent cases

Fake patented products.

Chengdu Market Supervision Bureau for the map of the People’s Network, September 1 In March this year, after receiving the report clues, the Chengdu Market Supervision Bureau received a field law enforcement examination in accordance with the law, and found a pile of 52,000-related products in the warehouse. Medium liquid transfer filter.

The on-site staff offers relevant evidence materials such as purchase and sales desk, bills, product samples.

After investigation, law enforcement officers found that the product was produced by a medical equipment company, Jiangsu, and the patent number: ", the patent is the effective patent, and the patentee is the manufacturer. Chengdu Market Supervision Bureau Intellectual Property Protection Law Enforcement Detachment repeatedly contrast the products of the product’s technical solutions and patent claims, and found that the internal structure of the product deleted most of the technical features of the patent. "The technical solution involving the product has not fallen into the scope of the patent, that is, the patented technical solution is not used. Therefore, it belongs to the product of the product that is not granted patented product packages, should be considered as Fake patented products. "Law enforcement personnel said.

The actions of a medical equipment company in Chengdu, the salesman constitute the counterfeit patents stipulated in Article 84 of the Chartered Regulations of the Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China. Since the seller can prove the legal source of the product and does not know that they purchase It is a fake patented product, and law enforcement personnel shall freely fined penalties in accordance with the law, ordered it immediately to stop counterfeit patents and announced the administrative penalties for confiscation of 22,7898 yuan. It is understood that the case is also a case of the first counterfeit and effective patent of Chengdu-investigated in the comprehensive law enforcement reform of the market supervision.

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