as expected,Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan,Finally did not hold back,“Puff”Bang,Just laughed out。

“Xiao Fan,Can you not be so funny,You hate it!”Lin Yuner smiled and said to Xiao Fan。
“That’s why,You are not angry anymore,Is not it?”Xiao Fan didn’t just go down the donkey,But continued to shake Lin Yoona’s arm and said to her。
“Hahahaha……please……I beg you,Don’t continue like this,I……Can’t I be angry anymore?”Lin Yuna at this time,It’s just a smile,and,Even more exaggerated,Even her tears have already laughed out her tears。
“So what you said is true?Are you really no longer angry with me?”Xiao Fan stood and said with these big eyes。
Actually this action of blinking big eyes,If it was put on a pretty beauty like Lin Yoona,That must be very beautiful,but,This action,At this moment,It was made by a big man like Xiao Fan,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,No matter how you look at it,They all look awkward!
This time,Lin Yuna really broke her work,She really can’t control herself,If just now,The way Xiao Fan shook her arm and acted like a baby,She can still accept it more or less,So now she really can’t accept Xiao Fan’s current move。
This is too exaggerated。
This time before,Why didn’t I find that Xiao Fan still has such a hobby?!
“Cough cough……Na Yoona,Are you really not angry now?!”
Xiao Fan’s tears came out looking at Lin Yuner’s smile,I also pulled a tissue from the coffee table,On the one hand, she wiped Lin Yoona’s tears,Besides,He also returned to his usual appearance,Never talk to Lin Yoona like just now。
By the way, he doesn’t want to behave like that.!