And Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming also arrived at this time,One sword and one sword,Wandering beside the double-headed King Kong,Stitching needles from time to time,Make up a sword fiercely,Or a slash,Suppress the blood volume of the double-headed King Kong。

at last,Under the joint efforts of the three,The two-headed King Kong that has gone crazy,Finally after a sharp roar,Crashed to the ground。
And the warrior who was saved by the wooden knife,But never got up from beginning to end,I didn’t want to join the battle group at all,The meaning of fighting。
This two-headed King Kong is obviously much more generous than the previous two-headed Gorefiend,While it crashed to the ground,Burst a place of equipment。
Item explosion,At this time, I can see that the ginger is still old and spicy!
The wooden knife has been hunting for most of his life,A pair of fire-eyed Jinqing that was hard to cultivate,One of the equipment items on the floor was locked at once。
He dashed towards the piece of equipment,Snap it in your hand。
Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming also rushed to the equipment,But not as fast as a wooden knife,There is no such old man’s eyesight poison,I got the most precious piece of equipment in one go。
Pinched by the wooden knife,It’s a dark green bracelet,Carved like a piece of green jade,Extraordinary at a glance,And most importantly,This bracelet faintly emits strong light energy fluctuations。
Lu Menglin only glanced at it,I immediately recognized the origin of the bracelet,Can’t help but smile。
If he guessed well,That is a Tianzun bracelet,It is also a piece of Scarlet Moon equipment。
The wooden knife handles this bracelet,My fingers trembled slightly。
Half of his life,I have downloaded the map of Chiyue six times,It’s a life of nine deaths every time,But the sum of these six times,Not as much as this time。