“Yes!Everyone quickly hide away!It’s not a joke to be caught by ice burst!”

“This old man abducted even his most precious granddaughter to other men,I’m not crazy!Who can stop him?Big trouble is going to happen now!”
There was a lot of discussion among the crowd,And the people of the gods who were watching said,One side keeps backing,Don’t dare to stand within the attack range of ice burst,Even if you are touched by the aftermath,It’s not a joke!
at this time,There was a sudden commotion among the crowd,A figure rises into the sky,Flew into the air。
Old man Mu was surprised,Take a closer look,Turned out to be a female mage,Should not be young anymore,But well maintained,It looks like it’s 40 or 50 years old。
This female mage is wearing a black robe,Look inconspicuous,But those pieces of jewelry,All brand goods,Nothing else,Just the dragon bracelet on the wrist,Extremely expensive,At a glance**The sign of the teacher。
“Old man,Forgive and forgive。It is not easy for these two young people to fall in love,For your granddaughter’s happiness,Why don’t you take a step back?”This female mage talks freely,The sound is clear and nice,I heard everyone nodding their heads。
Mr. Mu has been operating in Hongliu City for decades,Know the powerful characters in the city,Naturally recognize this,It’s just that he was a little surprised,This 42nd-level high-level female mage,I never care about my business,Today I will take the initiative to talk to my granddaughter and Bei Gongya.,Really unexpected。
This older female mage,Not a member of the four major families in Hongliu City,But it is another powerful person besides the four big families,She is the worship of eighteen firms in Hongliu City,Usually only specializes in spells,Upgrade,Never pay attention to nosy,I didn’t expect to stand up today because of a sad and beautiful love。
“Mrs. Autumn,None of your business!You don’t care!”Old man Mu stared,Anger。
“Pooh!Old wood!When I was pursuing myself, I was called Xiao Tiantian,The old man is yellow now,But called Mrs. Qiu?You men don’t have a good thing!”
This remark,Shocked,This Mrs. Qiu is really over 70,Do what you want without exceeding the rules,Dare to say anything!
Lu Menglin sitting in the teahouse,Heard these words,A sip of tea came out on the spot,Damn!Broken work,Broken work!What are these!
I was ripped out by old friends about the old sesame seeds and rotten millet,Mr. Mu also has a dumb face,I haven’t spoken to each other for almost 40 years,There is still so much jealousy now?
“I like this Beigongya,Ready to accept him as a godson!If you dare to move him,Wait for you to die,I slaughtered you Mu family!How do you deal with the Beigong clan,How I will deal with Mu in the future!Unless your granddaughter fucks my grandson!”
Mrs. Qiu is really a powerful character with few words.,The first half of the sentence scared everyone in the scene,Let out the cruel words behind,It turned out to be the Baobeigong clan。
Mr. Mu makes his scalp numb,If possible,He wants to rush down now,Rush into the teahouse and ask someone,Who arranged this old lady??Maybe he didn’t find it?
Bei Gongya was also stunned underneath,What’s the situation?Master Lu is too awesome, right?!Just get me Mufeiyan to escort me,Why is there another one?**Old lady?