Lan Xin nodded,“Then let’s go back today.。”
hope,This time,Lu Haocheng can solve things in one time。
“Let it go!”
Le Yu also said。
Three people go back together。
In the private room in a high-end hotel。
Mu Zihao and Su Seiming sit in the private room,Two people are very temperament。
Su Seiming, a gray suit,A gray coat,God shakes,Like a big gang boss。
Mu Zizi sat quietly,Li Guided。
Su Shengming looked at him,End tea cup and drink a bite,Shake,Unconcerned:“Why haven’t you come yet?,We are all waiting for ten minutes.,Are you not an investor??
He is still so slow,Isn’t you afraid of you withdraw??”
Mu Zizi smiled:“He will come,Currently this work,They have been partnership。
Of course, the role has also been fixed.,The role of the protagonist has also been fixed,In order to place funds,Immediately turn on,Is a very good work,Will be sold。”
He has already understood it.。
Currently,cooporating company,Only him。
“We are waiting!”
Muzi honing。
Su Seiming looked at him,Laugh,“Son,So like Le Yu,She also likes you,Why do you want to hide this?,I have to help her in this way.,Don’t you know?,Is it true when you test true??”
He knows about his heart,But,He does this,Is it really good for Le Yu??
He doesn’t think so。
Mu Ziyi looked at him smile,“Boast,You have not loved a person,You do not know,I want to give you the best,Including my own,It is also the best,I can give her everything.,I am the best within my ability.。”
Su Shengming gaze deeply,Say:“Muzi,do you know,Maybe you want to give her something,Not Le Yu wants,She wants,I have always been this person.。”
Mu Ziyou looked at this,The mind in my mind is in the hospital.,Heart is really,He is also true,He one to night,Dream back to midnight,What hope,All this is dreaming。
After waking up,Everything is still the same as the original look。
He looked at Su Sei Ming,The mouth is moving.,Didn’t say anything。
He also wants to be with you,Dream of dreaming。
There is something you can do during the day.,He can relieve his own thoughts,Can be at night,It is his most painful time.。
at this time,The door between the private room was pushed open.。
Li Guo’s smile came in,Look at Mu Zihao and Su Sei Ming。
“Mu,Su total,Traffic jam,Let you wait。”
Li said,Apologize,It’s really bad today.,All the way to,All in traffic jams。