“One is still going around the mill,The other one was led to the front by me,Don’t know what’s going on。”Yuan Hua is very proud。

“Get Shen Ming up,Let’s go quickly。”
“No,No。You take him down and walk from below,The police are coming,Can’t walk ahead。”Yuan Hua shook his head decisively。
“Policemen?The police you called?”Li Tianchou frowned。
“Yes,Otherwise, who cleans up the mess?”Yuan Hua’s demeanor didn’t mean anything to evade。
Li Tianchou helpless,I expected Yuan Hua would not lie to him,But I don’t even see this person,No matter how old man Hua is around, this kind of business is not business、Gangster?He shook his head and looked at the wild cat on the ground,In order to prevent him from doing anything unusual,Simply remove the fishing rod line and tie it up firmly,Even my mouth is blocked with a rag。
As for Pang Rong, there is no time to care,Li Tianchou resisted the wild cat going down the well,Yuan Hua dragged Shen Ming to lead the way。The tunnel under the cave is very rough,It’s so bumpy and hard to walk,Tens of meters,I’m half kneeling,The two dragged the prisoner and felt sad。Out of the hole,It’s a small mound full of weeds,Also on the edge of the village,But the direction has reached the direction of the village due to the south。
“Be careful,The mill is not far ahead。Let’s go to the west of the village,There is a boat there。“Yuan Hua ordered to stop suddenly,“My grass,This idiot is too heavy,We have to change。”
Actually, Shen Mingfang has already woke up at this moment,Just playing dead,He secretly complained that he didn’t turn over the almanac when he went out today,To hide or be taken back by these two evil spirits,Unlucky all the way to now,Can be described as extremely sad。
Li Tianchou doesn’t care,Put down the wild cat,He grabbed Shen Mingfang’s collar easily,Sip,“stand up。”
Shen Mingfang still pretended not to wake up,Li Tianchou single-armed,Grab it at once,Kicked him in the ass,To be precise, on the nerve-sensitive tailbone。Shen Ming let go and howl,Painful tears gushing out。
“gone。”Li Tianchou made up his ass again。Shen Mingfang had to walk honestly with his legs open。
“and many more,Let’s change it back。I’m afraid this idiot suddenly wakes up and can’t deal with it。”Yuan Hua regrets it again。