Golden Flying Boat,That was the biggest opportunity he got,This time it is also lent to Cangxian to use it。Rely on this magic weapon,The rugged fairy is killed—This shows that in Lei Yuan’s small world, there are already scattered immortals comparable to 500,000 years or even stronger.。

of course,Not at his own level,If Lei Yuan’s small world has a strong equivalent to him,Don’t even want to come back alive!
“It seems,I have to do it myself!”Old ancestor Saito sighed,Step out!
To him for a million years,The way to understand the void is the most basic。
Half a breath,He appeared at the entrance of Lei Yuan Small World!
“what is this!”Now even Saito’s ancestor can’t help but be surprised—Just want to enter this small world,But was cut off by a force of space。
“Banned class!There is absolutely no such treasure in the small world!It seems that Immortal Yingyue’s Dongfu has been born,And fell into the hands of those natives。。。Immortal rugged, he is really a waste!”
“but,It seems that this Lei Yuan small world has also appeared a great array master,Otherwise, even if you get the treasure of Yingyue Immortal that year,I don’t want to set up such a big array!”
Saito ancestor tried a few more times,Use attacks to break through this big formation,But faced with extremely strong resistance。
“It seems,You can’t break this formation in a short time。。。Wait。”Although the ancestor Saito valued the cave house of the ancestor Yingyue,But in no hurry。
He has lived for 800,000 years,And he thinks it will not be difficult for him to live another 800,000 years。
he,Wait for,Or there is a flaw in the Leiyuan small world,Or Saito gave birth to a master of formation to crack。
Chapter two Crane Cloud View
Crane Cloud View,An ordinary Taoist temple in Oxwei County,Although the master Yunhe is quite capable of spells,But it’s not a powerful force。