2021 "Building Chuanghui" · Innovative Entrepreneurship

On December 10, the 2021 "Building Scholars and Innovation and Entrepreneur Road" series of activities hosted by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

"Building Chuanghui" is an innovative entrepreneur brand that Guiyang Gui’an is striving. "The" Building Chuanghui ‘· Innovative Entrepreneur Road "aims to select a batch of core technical competitiveness," In the excellent garterns of technological innovation, he helped a number of scientific and technological enterprises with high growth to achieve financing and construct a good innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The road show, the organizer first issued an honorary certificate to 8 roadmaking projects selected by Guiyang City Quality Science and Technology Innovation Project Bank. Subsequently, "98 medical composite iodine disinfectant (Miao Medicine)" "’Guihu Workshop’ Environmentally Friendly Wood Plate Laser Cutting Building Model Entrepreneurship Project" "Based on Multi-Information Fusion Power Monitoring Method and Device" Waiting for the roadshow, the Expert Review Committee gives rationalization proposals from project assessment, market analysis, prospect forecasting. 2021 "Building Chuanghui" · Innovative Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Activity Division (Industry) has 8 specials, this is the 7th game.

Since May this year, the Guiyang Science and Technology Bureau surrounds large data electronic information, health medicine and smart medical, new energy and new materials, intelligent agriculture, industrial big data and Internet and other fields, and collectively collect innovation, and good market prospects. Roadplash project with good potential economic benefits and social benefits. In the field of modern chemical and new materials, after the expert’s initial screen review, 8 road play projects were finally selected into Guiyang City Quality Science and Technology Innovation Project Library, and the organizers will provide follow-up services for project counseling, improving hatching, and indiscriminate service. (Guiyang Daily Mong Media Reporter Yang Chunhui) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.