The world of the strong,Was it so amazing??Not amazing!I want to become strong!

Four people walking side by side,Walking on the street under the setting sun,A slanting sun slowly dropped to the horizon directly in front of them,The warm sunlight stretched the shadows of the four people very long,very long。
“Brother Lu,You won’t be upset?Neighbors just like to guess nonsense。”
“will not!I’m just curious,Why do you have such an identity?”
“Because I like opening a store!When I was young,I never had a chance to go to the street,Later I inherited the family,Just set up this small shop in the town,Sometimes I get bored on the mountain,Would secretly run down alone,Sitting in the shop selling things,Good business。”As soon as Haukai mentioned her shop,,Even the expression on the face is vivid。
“once,A real estate agent wants to buy down the town and tear it down,I stopped those people,Then everyone is very happy,Because they don’t have to move,Can continue to live here。Brother Lu,thank you!I thought I was leaving this world soon,Never see these neighbours,You let me get rid of the curse,We protect them together, okay?Wait to defeat those monsters,I want to come back and see them。”
As soon as Kasuga Hakoko mentioned her store,,And the warm and honest neighbors,Just talked a lot,She told Lu Menglin,When I was the owner,All kinds of fun things encountered,Including those secretly in love with Mingzi sister,The little boys who dare not confess to death。
Maybe the identity of this little shop owner,Is the true ideal of Kasuga Hakoko,And these kind and hardworking ordinary people,She wants to protect the world,The real motive for not hesitating to give his life。
Chapter 816 Red ocean
Oriental country,Hokkaido,port。
This place was designated as a military management zone six months ago,Actually everyone living nearby understands,The blue sea in front of me,In fact, it’s the red zone of the Eastern Kingdom。
It is slightly different from the red zone that has been found in other countries,The red zone blockade of the East Ocean is at sea。In other words,Exotic space channels appearing in the territory of Toyo,Not on land,But in the middle of the ocean。
and so,When Lu Menglin and his group of four came to the port of Hokkaido,It seems that it has completely turned into a military port。
Three warships docked in the harbor dock,fully armed,Cannon,Almost all the people traveling on the shore are soldiers。
The Master of Songzheng School Hades Arrives,Port checkpoint receives news,Of course let go,And a few high-ranking officers came to greet him。