The fourth child hurried back to report,By chance, I met a large number of guests rushing out,This delay,I’m afraid they are going down the mountain soon。

Brother Lang heard what the fourth child said,I immediately understood。
This is someone dealing with him behind his back,This is a plan to draw a salary from the bottom!
But Brother Wolf can’t understand it anyway,How does the other party know where the company’s warehouse is?,Is there a ghost inside?
Thinking about this,Brother Lang’s gloomy gaze fell on the fourth。
The fourth child was frightened,Knelt on the ground,The forehead keeps knocking on the ground。
“Brother Wolf,Damn i!I lost the company money,But i have no two minds for you,give me sometime,I promise to get the money back!”The fourth child’s head knocked bang on the concrete floor,I can’t stop talking。
Brother wolf is so angry,Step forward and kick the fourth child to the ground。
“wrong!This is wrong!Who of you saw the police?Where is the police?tell me!Where is the police?”Brother Wolf roared wildly。
The little brothers around me are all committed,Dare not speak。
“The police are here!”at this time,A loud and high-pitched voice came from the entrance of the hall。
CLiu Ting, Captain of the City Anti-triad Brigade,Bring a team,Blocked in front of Brother Wolf’s stronghold。
at this time,There are still many guests around the hall who can’t leave,Are afraid of avoiding it。
Some of them recognize Liu Ting,Some people even worked with Liu Ting,Still working with him。
but,These great guys in uniforms next to Liu Ting,But his face is very。
Although they are also wearing police uniforms,But these people are not Liu Ting’s anti-triad team。
“Damn it,They are from the fire brigade。”
“Fire brigade?What is the fire brigade doing up the mountain??”
“I knew it was from the fire brigade,Ran a hammer!”The guests around were brave enough to stop,They faintly think something is wrong!