and so,When she learned that she would be Wu Hao’s dance partner,At the news of the big fish new year reception,Really surprised。

but,Hu Lin is a girl who never shrinks,Whether it is out of love for the country,Or the pursuit of personal happiness,She will never refuse this rare opportunity。
not to mention,Don’t you still have grandpa??Grandpa has been encouraging himself,Pursue your truest ideas,Nothing wrong!Even if the result is not perfect,Is also the most moving part of life!
Just when the Daizong ship was close to the big fish,Almost at the same time that the three of Wuhao-sama and his party were sent to the Big Fish,The heads of the other six major nations,Also arrived at the Big Fish。
Cross the bridge,Hu Lin did not see the warmly greeted team as imagined,There is only a long one in front of the three,Conveyor belt shimmering with silver。
At the entrance of this tens of kilometers long conveyor belt,There is a round guy waiting,As soon as I saw three people coming,Its face immediately flashed with blue light。
“Mr. Wu Hao,Hello!I am your guide on the Big Fish,You can call my number,857number。”This cylindrical thing rolls over,It looks like a drum washing machine in the human world。
“Please follow me up,This conveyor belt will take you to the banquet hall,And show you the scenery along the way。I will explain。”
After speaking,This cylindrical robot stretches out its short legs,Seems to want to step onto the conveyor belt,But it actually stepped on empty,Almost turned over。
Look at the funny movements of this thing,The three of them looked at each other suddenly。
“This is the high technology of the core circle?Our little nephew’s toy robot seems to be more flexible than it!”Hu Lin blinked,Said with a smile。
“Shut up!Don’t laugh at others casually!”Marshal Hu’s face tightened,Frowned。
“It’s not human!Moreover,I’m telling the truth!The robot’s automatic balance system is too bad!”Hu Lin smiled。
Lu Menglin strode forward,I picked up the cylindrical robot that seemed a little sad,Carried it on the conveyor belt。
“Come up!We are in a hurry!”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Said。