And in the China market,The Xin system on the mobile terminal has been recognized by mainstream smartphone consumers。

According to data obtained by a statistical company,In just one month,At present, Xin System has occupied half of China’s market。What is this concept?In addition to new phones,At least hundreds of millions of Android customers have turned their phones into the Xin system in various ways。
Even if these phones from a year or two years ago did not have brain-computer chips,The support for Xin system is not so perfect。
On the other hand, during this period of time, I used the new machine of the brain-computer chip and the Xin system,Sales have repeatedly raised the ceiling,In order to enjoy the experience brought by the latest version of Xin system,A large number of users chose to replace their phones。
In this situation,Not joining the league is a pitfall。
National Programming and Entertainment Translator, the two most popular software in China at present, can only be perfectly supported by new products equipped with brain-computer chips.,This also makes everyone rely on Changxiang Technology to make a lot of money during this time,How could not join?
In fact it is true。
Wang Yufei just threw this news out in the group,The whole group exploded immediately。
What does open source mean?
It means that there is no need for Changxiang Technology to engage in international boards,As long as there are suitable programmers,Everyone can develop their ownOS,And Wang Yufei didn’t say that it’s just mobile open source,this meansPCVersion will also be open source。
And among these vendors,Ru Weihua、Rice companies,It’s more than just selling mobile phones,Also sell its own branded notebooks and tablets,The open source of Xin system means that they will be able to build their own complete ecosystem based on this system。
This is considered a thousand miles to send benefits?
Finally, Wang Yufei intends to contact Google executives。