a long time,Xu Wan said suddenly:“He didn’t come out。”

Gan Yifan has been running in and out,Each grotto basically stays for no more than 30 seconds,But after entering a grotto this time,Two minutes have passed,He hasn’t come out yet。
“You stay here,I’ll take a look。”Wu Heng also noticed,Confess,Rush over。
Not a few steps away,Gan Yifan comes out of the cave,But didn’t go on,But walk back。
“What did you find?”See Gan Yifan appear,Wu Heng breathed a sigh of relief,Asked loudly。
“No……Did not find,Just……it’s the same,Don’t want to keep looking。”
“He has discovered。”Xu Wan said softly。
“He doesn’t lie at all。”Wu Heng responded,Go on:“If he doesn’t mention,Let’s not ask him。”
“But I want to know what he found。”
“Can only wait for him to say,Can’t ask。”
“I don’t ask him……”Xu Wan didn’t say a word——I’ll go back by myself。
The three returned to the original grotto,Wu Heng and Xu Wan chatted with each other,Look at Gan Yifan from time to time。
This time in the abyss,All three of them received a portion of dry food,Ten days compressed biscuits。
Gan Yifan started eating compressed biscuits since returning to the cave,Keep eating,Eat without a word,Ten days’ worth of servings will last for three days。
“Yifan,You won’t be able to take it after a while。”Wu Heng couldn’t help saying。
“what……”He seems to wake up like a dream,“I’m not full。”