Demon Xing Kun is not afraid at all,He seems to have a body of steel and iron,The storm phantom feather drew across it,Didn’t even cut the cortex。

Zhu Minglang discovered that Xing Kun is not a small character,So summoned the black dragon of refining cinders。
The little black dragon rushed out of the spiritual realm,The whole body is shrouded in ancient blackness,It raised its paw,I shot this Xing Kun,The claws become huge in mid-air,Like a black hill hitting the ground。
Demon Xing Kun is also extremely wild,He actually used an extremely strong body to resist the heavy claws of a dragon。
Earth cracked,The demon Xing Kun was unscathed,He opened his mouth,Made a roar,For a while, the loose hair flew up,The blood-red wild breath lingers on him,Turned into his breath of the beast!
“Zoomorphist?”Zhu Minglang looks at this Xing Kun,I quickly learned his abilities。
This Xing Kun is obviously a mortal,Is a kind of practitioner who uses the power of beasts。
The beast-like aura that appeared behind him at this moment was a jackal,Fangs visible,Sharp claws,And the speed of Xing Kun has also improved a lot.。
He dodges the attack of the Cinder Black Dragon,I want to go around Zhu Minglang。
I wish Minglang opened the distance early,As a dragon shepherd,No need to be harder than fists。
Refining the black dragon raises the dragon foot,Step on the ground。
Tremor,One piece after another heavy rock rises high,Formed a rugged rock barrier,Blocked Xing Kun’s path。
Xing Kun suddenly stretched out his arms,The breath of the beast all over his body immediately turned into a magic statue,Through this animal shape change,He immediately flew into the air。
Alchemy black head raised his head,He sprayed a terrible dragon flame toward Xing Kun。
The black dragon flame burst in mid-air,Like a swelling fire wolf in a molten pool。
Xing Kun had to give up the idea of attacking the dragon animal husbandry,He uses his arms as wings,Glide to the height of the quarry mine。