Pan Yulin brought the soup with a smile。

Jiang Wan’er took it quickly,Put it on the table。
“Auntie, you are polite……I can actually eat anything!”
Jiang Wan’er saw the table full of dishes,Shame。
Fang Yu’s mother,Too enthusiastic!
“Also called me aunt……Are you going to change your tune in the future??”
Pan Yulin said seriously。
Seeing my wife is so direct,Fang Deyun quickly reminded。
Jiang Wan’er came to their house for the first time,This is embarrassing!
Jiang Wan’er also feels embarrassed。
This is the first time,Need to change!
If you come a few times,Isn’t it the same as my own?
She just intends to retaliate against Xiaoyu。
When she asked Fang Yu for help,Fang Yu drank the soup to himself,Ignore her。