Xia Jian asked her to wait in place,Hurried over with Bai Ruyu。It’s noon,There are so many fewer people in the hall,Fang Fang saw Xia Jian,Ran over,She smiled and said:“There are too many people,I almost missed my turn“

Bai Ruyu thanked Fang Fang,Then smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Aren’t you driving cars?Send me back by the way,Recognized the door,Hello come here tonight“
Xia Jian nodded,Fang Fang went to drive。
On the way back to the company,Fang Fang suddenly asked Xia Jian:“Secretary Bai,What does the good family do?“
“what do you mean?Check your account!“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Fang Fang shook and said:“You should know where we just went,Which community is full of leaders from Bucheon City Government“Xia Jian was taken aback,It seems that Zhang Sangui told him this too。
First0410chapter leadership
Back to the company,Xia Jian handled a few things,So I went back to Beishan’s home early。
Old Xiao went to his comrades,The whole yard is quiet。Xia Jian closes the door,Took out the silver needle**,And which medical book the Daoist Ziyi gave him,All on the bed,Study hard。
The ancestors are really like gods,It seems to have predicted that humans will develop this disease in the later stages,There is such a record in the medical book presented to him by Dao Master Ziyi“Lumps in female breast,Mostly qi and blood are blocked,Over time,Very painful,Without eradication,Bloody stool,Spread to the whole body“
And in the golden needle**on,There are also acupuncture points for this disease,Xia Jian is happier the more I look,First find acupuncture points on yourself,Then figure out where to move the needle,He has planned how many treatments are needed。
Delve into this kind of thing,Bother and time-consuming,When Xia Jian opens the door,,The sun has gone down。Flexed my muscles in the yard,He went back to the house and took a shower,I still sprayed some perfume on my body,Then he left the courtyard with the silver needle。
At the main entrance of Beishan Park,There is a small noodle shop,Xia Jian went in and asked for a bowl of noodle soup,The boss here is a middle-aged woman in her forties,Because Xia Jian comes here sometimes,So everyone knows each other。
“Yo!It’s been a long time since I saw you come to eat noodles?“The lady boss saw Xia Jian,And stood up happily,What makes Xia Jian strange is,This woman is skewed,Feels like a stiff neck。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“How did you do it?“
“Hey!I slept last night,It became like this,I’m embarrassed today,Let Xiao Li do it for you!I was pointing“The lady boss said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Xia Jian is weird,He doesn’t care about eating big meals,Edible noodles,He has more problems,it is done,He can eat many bowls,But if it doesn’t suit your appetite,It’s hard for him to swallow。
“Don’t rush to let him do,I’ll show you,If it’s well adjusted,You should do it yourself!You know my appetite“Xia Jian waved his hand and said。