It’s sixty or seventy meters long,That huge body as thick as a water tank“Green Python”Staring at Wright!

Wright’s face changed slightly,“The Common Green Veined Python is a seventh-level monster,However, the length is only 20 or 30 meters。This green python is three times as long as the normal green python,This is a nine-level monster!”
Although Wright has personally killed five heads and nine level beasts,But dare not care,After all, the methods of Warcraft are different。
“call~~~”Green python with big mouth open,Spit out a greenish icy breath,Wright’s sensitive dodge,While being corroded by the cold,The surrounding grassland was completely destroyed。
Wright jumped up,The vindictiveness is full of flames,Holding a long stick,Slam down!
‘Flame style’
Face this blow,The green python is not underestimated,A layer of ice armor quickly condensed on the surface of the body,The long tail twitched,Greeted this stick!
Wright’s blow,The ice armor splits instantly,Then the penetrating force hits the tail of the green python。
But at the moment the ice armor shattered,The green python’s body muscle twists,Like a soldier unloading,Will this‘Flame style’Hit the body,But was scattered。
“Kaka Kaka!”The body of the green python made a slight bone cracking sound,At the same time,Quickly distance from Letra,Head out“He~~~”Call!There was a look of horror in his eyes!
It is a green python that has lived for a long time,Can break through their own race level,Grow into a level nine monster,It is most proud of being cautious。Because of caution,It can survive to adulthood surrounded by many predators,Further growth to the present。
It’s in that valley‘Holy Land’Practice,Smell of blood of the same race,Naturally want revenge,Although the one with the blood of the same race is only a weak human being,But it also retains caution in its revenge attacks。
Fortunately, it is cautious,When it is attacked, it uses both life-saving methods!
Without that ice armor, the five-layer power of the stick would be eliminated。Even if it disperses the power to the whole body,I’m probably going to be seriously injured or dead!
If there is no relief,A long stick with only five layers of strength can break its tail!
Even if the two methods are superimposed,There are also many tiny bones in its body that were cracked by the shock。
But there are five kings in this canyon,It just notified a powerful enemy invading!
Five enemy one,Maybe we can win!It cheered up again,Head up,Staring at Wright!