Qin Hao doesn’t believe in this evil,John·No matter how good Professor Tangken is,Can’t compare to its own heavy industry system?

“Promote our country,Boost morale,Solve problems with the great power system,Build a new generation of nuclear submarines,Reward 100,000 technology points。”
When Qin Hao stood up and said to solve the difficulties of nuclear submarines alone,Everyone here thought they heard it wrong。
But Qin Hao continued to say,He has a way to solve this problem。
This shocked everyone。
“Qin Hao,You can eat randomly,But you can’t talk nonsense,Think about it,If it’s because of you that delayed the progress of the experiment,You can’t bear this responsibility。”
Wang Lei said quickly,I don’t want Qin Hao to cause serious consequences because of his recklessness.。
“I know what i’m talking about,I am willing to make a military order,I really have a way to solve this problem。”
Qin Hao solemnly said to Wang Lei,Although Wang Lei still doesn’t believe that Qin Hao can solve this problem。
But then,Seeing Qin Hao so determined,He had to change his mind。
“I can’t make a decision about this,I will tell the old chief,See if the old chief has any further instructions。”
Wang Lei turned to Liu Quan,Nod,I want to ask Liu Quan’s opinion。
But seeing Liu Quan nodded,He left quickly。
At this moment,Qin Hao, Liu Quan and others entered the scientific research area of the iron-blooded blade。
The scientific research area of the Iron-Blood Blade is five or six times that of the military field of Flying Wolf.。
There are not only many laboratories,And there are many spacious small experimental places。
They successfully met Professor Liu Shiqiang who was racking his brains to find a way。
Professor Liu Shiqiang is very annoyed at this time,Because he knows the importance of this nuclear submarine program better than anyone else。
Once the nuclear submarine is built,It will greatly help the entire military deployment。