Quality benefit climbing and developing toughness

The national enterprise economy in the top three seasons is stable and medium-to-quality. The quality and efficiency has the development of the toughness. The first three quarters of the country, the country-owned enterprises work hard to grasp market opportunities, actively expand market share, adjust the optimization of marketing strategies, and state-owned enterprises continue to grow The quality efficiency continues to climb, the development of vitality and toughness continue to appear, showing the development situation of "stabilizing good, fast and middle – improved".

As of the end of the third quarter, the total assets of state-owned corporate assets included in the Financial Express of the Autonomous Region State-owned Commission’s Financial Express, a year-on-year increase, and net assets billion, a year-on-year growth.

Chen Hai Mountain, deputy director of the Financial Supervision and Administration Department of the Autonomous Region, introduced that the country-owned economy operation in the whole region showed the following features in the first three quarters. Industry maintains "high boom" and continues to grow in economic benefits. Since this year, commodities, especially the prices represented by coal and natural gas are in high operation, and the price of industrial products has risen sharply, and market demand is strong. From January to September, industrial enterprises in the region achieved sales of value billions, a year-on-year growth rate, increased speed than January to June, profit billion, with a year-on-year to turn to increase billions of dollars. The financial industry is robust, and the economic ability of the service entity is significantly improved.

The financial industry focusing on major strategic deployments and industrial development, helping the physical economic high quality development.

In January-September, accumulated accumulated income billions, a year-on-year growth rate. The intersection of trade is strong, and the income benefits have achieved synchronous growth. From January to September, the consumer market has a good momentum, and the economic industry, especially the chemical products trade enterprises have increased, and the accumulation of income billions, which increased year-on-year; profit billion, year-on-year growth. The construction industry grabs the gold construction period and continues the scale growth situation. In September, the income billion is achieved, the year-on-year increase, and the growth rate increases by a percentage point than the first half of the year; profit billion yuan, the year-on-year increase billion, road engineering, residential and municipal building installation sections achieve faster growth. The agricultural and animal husbandry market is constantly enhanced, and the upgrade file is achieved. In September, it has achieved income billion yuan, a year-on-year increase, accumulated earnings billion yuan, a total of 100 million yuan, all kinds of scientific and technological innovation elements to agriculture planting, production facilities, ecological agriculture, agricultural products, etc. The new pattern of quality improvement results is initially formed.

Analysis of the economic operation transcripts of state-owned enterprises in the autonomous region before analyzing, the supervision enterprises in the autonomous region showed bright eyes, and the growth of two digits increased for 9 consecutive months; the profit increased by nearly 4 times in the same period of 2019, and the average growth rate of two years and the benefits level The history is the best in the same period. The reason, Chen Hai Mountain believes that there is mainly below.

First, the quantity price is rising, the production and selling is two strong, and the manufacturing industry "leads" growth. From January to September, the output of major industrial products such as copper, aluminum, nickel, PVC, methanol continued to grow, the price high operation has a new high, the benefit end performance is manufactured in chemical raw materials, and the non-ferrous metal processing industry has increased significantly; Putting capacity and coal price strong, support for the number of coal products wholesale industry support, operating performance increased significantly.

Secondly, taxes, employment, stable, social contributions and improvement.

From January to September, the supervision enterprises in this level have achieved labor production of billions of dollars, which increased year-on-year; tens of thousands of employees, a year-on-year growth rate; cumulative payment tax billion, year-on-year growth%.

Finally, the industrial adjustment continues to optimize, and the growth of fixed assets investment is obvious.

From January to September, the supervision enterprises in this grade completed fixed assets investment billions, which increased year-on-year. In coal chemical, electricity supply, transportation, textile, tourism and integrity, and state-owned state-owned enterprise guarantees and improve people’s livelihood contributions continue to increase. Editor: Zhou Qian].