He called Xiao Fan in a hurry,Reported to Xiao Fan in detail the plan of Wu Guodong, the head of the Wu Group。

There is almost no big difference between what Xiao Fan guessed,Basically the same。
He listened to Liu Meng’s statement to himself,then,His handsome face became hard to look a little bit。
His brow furrowed,then,Thoughtfully,He quickly issued new instructions to Liu Meng。
Liu Meng knows what he should do,When he found out the result,He knew he was busy again recently。
He said to himself:“Wu Guodong, Wu Guodong,Who are you offended,You just provoke my king Xiao Yan。”
“Your good days are over,Your name is Wu Guodong,I see,My Lord Yan will turn you into Wu Guojel in a while。”
“Hey,I feel sorry for you,Your chairman hasn’t settled down yet,You have to come down and start again。”
“I don’t know what to do with you,Don’t ask about the reputation of our family’s Lord Yan when someone asks you to do it。”
“The reputation of our Lord Yan is not fun。As long as you provoke him,Then you will see King Hades soon。”
“Small jelly,I’m coming,I am the impermanence of my Lord Yan,I’ll pick you up in a while,Small jelly,I’ll wait for you。Master, I’m here to pick you up。Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……”
Liu Meng said,And stretched out his orchid finger,Make an exaggerated pose。
Everyone who provokes the roadside looks at him with strange eyes。
He is in a good mood at the moment,He didn’t care about the eyes of those passersby at all。
He casually looked at his handsome appearance in the roadside mirror。
As long as the Lord Yan offended him,He will pick that person out without hesitation,Then he cleaned up these eye-catching guys at a lightning speed.。
He immediately followed Xiao Fan’s instructions to the bank first,Because he found this Wu Guodong had applied for a large loan from the bank before。