Liu Xuesheng hasn’t reacted yet,I was still brewing a good joke just now,But it was bad by Qin Feng,I haven’t had time to say anything,The beauty in front of me is gone……

Wait for the reaction,Man has gone。
“Humph,You bastard!”Liu Xuesheng scolded fiercely。
“what,Manager Liu,How did they go?”Xiao Shu just happened to walk in。
The reason she knew Qin Feng so early that they had left,Because she didn’t go far。
Although I was called to get the information just now,But she knows,That was just an excuse for Liu Xuesheng to leave her。
People go now
Up,Manager Liu,definitely is……
“You got it?”Lin Youwei asked curiously,Can see,This guy loves his box very much,But now it’s gone,Kind of weird。
“Hurry up and call someone over!”Qin Feng said lightly:“I take you to a place,But you’d better call someone over before you go,otherwise,It’s easy to hit the water。”
“what?what? What?”Lin Youwei was confused,What does this mean,How can i not understand。
“Hurry up and call someone!I’m in a hurry。I have to go back to pick up people,correct,You give me your car,I’m afraid it’s too late。”
“There is nothing wrong with borrowing a car,But called,Who is called?”Lin Youwei still didn’t understand Qin Feng’s words,Still in a dazebī)status。
“Call your colleague!”Qin Feng can’t say that there are dangerous goods here,A few people around here,If you accidentally heard,Someone may be prepared in advance。
“amount……”Lin Youwei still wanted to say something to Qin Feng at first,Then gave up。
“Hurry up, that phone call someone!”Qin Feng is a little impatient。
Although Lin Youwei still doesn’t understand,But I still took out my phone,Called the law enforcement agency。
After Lin Youwei finished talking,Qin Feng directly took Lin Youwei’s hand。
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Two Look at the environment