“Let him go!”

“Let him go!”The voice of the crowd is getting stronger。
Finally, the Vietnamese boy looked at the turbulent crowd in all directions with horrified eyes。
“Ruined!This is a trap,In an ambush!”
at last,He let go of Wang Xiaopang,Resolutely chose to pull his leg and rush to the French window next to it。
The huge floor-to-ceiling glass window was smashed to pieces by this tragic Vietnamese,Stumbled out of the restaurant,Battered,All the way to the parking lot。
Everyone in the restaurant was suddenly silent,Everyone looked at the blood spilling along the way,Can’t help but pray for that hapless guy,Hope he can survive!
In fact, most of the players in this restaurant are dead house players with no combat effectiveness,Everyone is just playing handsome together,I didn’t expect to scare people into that kind of virtue。
at last,The late hotel security staff finally arrived,They tried their best to control the three Vietnamese who fell to the ground。
The players in the restaurant gathered here,Asking about the situation just now。
Very subtle is,When they saw that pool of blood on the floor,Reminiscent of the Vietnamese with blood on his feet,Seeing half of the chopsticks in Lu Menglin’s hand,Suddenly one after another in awe,And once again marvel at the magic of Chinese Kung Fu。
Lu Menglin and his group are in shock,Hurried back to the hotel room。
To comfort the wounded soul,Wang Xiaopang decisively ordered a lot of snacks,Hide in the room alone,Feasted。
The child and Liu Yi consciously ran to the balcony to smoke,Leave space to Lu Menglin and Jiang Jinghong。