of course,This may be because Jiang Hao didn’t pay enough attention to it,Otherwise cooperate with the army,Their car will definitely not be able to leave the country。

Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Three Reverse screen
“Is there a result of the discussion??”Qin Feng looked at Lin Wenkong and others。
Lin Wenkong frowned now,“Qin Feng,You follow us to the base camp first。Take a day off and decide what to do?”
Qin Feng knew from the beginning that there were not only many warlords in the Golden Triangle,There are also many mercenary groups。The so-called Southeast Asian mercenary teams usually roam around here。
But relatively speaking,The equipment of the mercenary group will be better than the local army。At the same time, there are relatively few personnel,After all, they are taking the elite route。
“Here should be fruitGArea bar?”Qin Feng sitting on the off-road vehicle,total.
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Four Wait till dawn
“chase,over there!”From a distance came the voice of the scumbag barracks。
Although Qin Feng is separated from the two soldiers,But he is not at all uncomfortable。Fortunately, this mountain is not barren,At least there are trees and grass,Otherwise, Lin Zhan and Qin Feng really can’t fight these people。
Since it’s night now,So Qin Feng’s visual distance at night is affected。
There may be infrared sniper rifles on the opposite side,But the number should not be too much。
As for how many people chased in the scumbag camp,Qin Feng is not sure。