Volume Nine Pinnacle of god

Chapter 21 Soul wipe
In the mansion,Wright sits cross-legged,But a little uneasy。
“Do you want to go to the battlefield??!”There is a trace of struggle in Wright’s eyes。
If you want to go to the battlefield,Then there is no need to wait for the next plane war。Just go to participate in the plane war between the earth god plane and the wind god plane during this plane war.。Find a chance to kill James directly。
And the advantage is,Can directly obtain a main artifact。After all, this master artifact,If you are participating in a war,A round of five plane wars may not be able to save enough badges in exchange for。
“But enter the battlefield of the plane,There is still danger。”Although Wright is confident of his strength,However, there are a large number of palace masters on both sides of the battlefield,Six or seven star powerhouse。He’s not sure even in fighting each other。And he is not the original lin lei,Lei have babe help,Security has exploded under joint efforts。And his current strength,On life-saving, it is better than when Lin Lei first entered the battlefield of the plane.。
“But then again,If i become the lord god messenger,Got a master artifact,Safety is much higher。”
“If you get a material defense main artifact,Except for a few rules of fate among the gods、Death rule、Dzogchen Supreme God of the Rules of Life or the Law of Darkness,Good at soul attacks that contain spirits,Can threaten me。Other gods,Even the Dzogchen high-ranking god who is good at material attacks can’t help me。And Dzogchen would not easily join this battlefield。”
“If a substance attacks the main artifact,Then my material attack power can also be increased tenfold or more。If all three elements reach the upper god level,Combine the power to be stronger,Plus create fit**The trick of power burst。The many methods cooperate with each other,Marksmanship should be able to compete head-to-head with Dzogchen who is not good at material attacks!”
“But if you agree to become the messenger of the Lord God of the Abyss,Become his main messenger。”Wright took a deep breath:“I’m afraid I can’t help but get myself,Although if the Lord God orders,Any strong palace master must obey orders。But under normal circumstances, the main god’s eyes are aimed at other main gods,Plus at most one Dzogchen upper god。A normal palace lord can’t get into their eyes。The vast majority of palace owners will not deal with the main god at all。”
“Fortunately, the messenger of the Lord God,If it’s the main god, I can’t help but disagree!”Although the main divine messenger who came this time,Its status is much higher than that of ordinary palace master level powerhouses。But after all, he is still a powerhouse leader,It’s not Dzogchen,No qualifications and no need to force the gods to be the main messengers。If it came to be the main god of the abyss,Force him to be the lord god messenger。Wright has no right to refuse。”