Is it aware of Huang Rong’s identity??

“Inside、Inside。”Chu Deirers worry that Li Mozhen will have opinions on the daughter of Huang Pharma.,Natural smile can be used as a good person、Stopper。
Li Mozhen saw the deer,The finger is licking in the sleeves.,But in the end, I still let it come.。
Wang Yizhen is after the initial excitement,More than a little,But see Chu Deirers.,Still。
Instead, small dragon,There is no expression in front of the door:“Outsiders come in,Sun Mayan will be unhappy。”
“We are here to give you birthday,The dragon gate will not refuse we outside the door.?”Muyiqing has reacted it from the state of 神。
“Do not,Be a birthday。”Chu Deirers。
This is Li Mozhen,It is estimated that it has been played.,However, the little dragon girl does not realize anything wrong.,I thought about it later.:“Birthday……I am still life,But if you are guest……Don’t take a moment。”Tangible,After walking two steps,What what I thought,Slightly tether:“Keep up with me。”
Woody clear,Instead, some is awkward:“Come to wish……Dragonware,There are no gifts,I’m so sorry。”
“gift?”Xiaolong female slightly confused。
“When you are present,Didn’t you receive a gift??”Woody and Qingqing。
“no。”Xiaolong female shook his head。
“Really,I do not have either……You should have it.?”Mu Yuqing probably wants to actively atmosphere。
Li Mozhen shakes,Afterwards:“Tomb woman,No need gift!”
Wang Yin wants to think,Some hesitated:“Mom usually takes me very strict,There is no friend to come upon birthday.,I……Generally。”
Mu Yuqing heard Wang Yin’s words,Sure enough, she looks at her eyes and good.。
Huang Rong is a turn to the eyes:“I am in a versatile,I am always on the island,In addition to some dumb old servants,There is also no one to let me touch it.。”
Chu Deirers watched her——This ten eight nine is deliberately sold,Although the yellow pharmacist is soone,It should not be good at expressing concern with her daughter.,But actually cares about Huang Rong,Not big, I have not given her birthday.!
Mu Yuqing and Wang Yao 言,It’s all sympathy and understands.。
Li Mozhen did notice other elements:“Island?”
“Cough,This will then say!correct,Sun Korean people?”Chu Deiren after the topic,Curious asked。
“Add rice with Lingbo Mask.。”Dragon girl is naturally nothing to hide。
Ancient tombs do not have their own fields、tenant,Of course, food is bought,After all, the jade bee can eat as a meal.,But there is no need to abuse。
“Say that our tomb pie is playing??”Chu Deirers have a good idea。
Jianghu Zhengxiao,Revenue is not four——Landlord、Honorable、Sponsorship、Commercial road industry。
Tomb This hidden door,Not only do not real estate farms,There is no passing between the team of caravans。
As for the sponsorship……
That is to collect the rich family.!
The ancient tombs original two disciples,Is an orphan,Instead, there are two mouths.,There is no industry。
Now I have received Wang Yizhen,In the future, Manda Villa knows,Probably a little rich year。
Until“Robbery”,Generally, you will do your own man.,Even some famous heroes,Delicious——“Heroes”If you have no money, go directly to Wulin sole horses.。
When the Chu Deeman is in the list,When I went to the iron unparalleled house,People have prepared a few silver……
Chu Deiren,Nothing to drill in the cottage,This belongs to“easy going”!
Chu Deer estimation,Li Mozhen walked to the rivers and lakes,Affirmation is the same as yourself,depend on“Robbery”live,However, it is impossible to rely on her to play the birthday.?
And before ten years,Li Mozhen is not in the tomb……