Agricultural Bank and the National Industry and Commerce Federation launched "Lianxing Enterprise Xing Village Loan" Financial Services Model

[] Recently, the Agricultural Bank and the National Industry and Commerce joint innovation have issued the "China Agricultural Bank and the National Industry and Commerce Creative" (hereinafter referred to as "implementation plan"), guidance and support Private enterprises invest in rural villages and do a good job in financial services.

It is understood that this is the exclusive financial services program that the National Industry and Commerce and Financial Institutions jointly introduced to support private enterprises to participate in the "Wan Qixing Wan Village" action. "Wan Qixing Wan Village" action was officially launched in July 2021, which is organized by the National Industrial and Commercial Federation, Agricultural Rural Department, National Rural Revitalization Bureau, China Glorious Business Promotion Association, Agricultural Development Bank and Agricultural Bank. This action is the upgraded version of "Wan Enterprise to Wan Village" precisely poverty alleviation action. It is a landmark action called on private enterprises to participate in rural resolution, aimed at exploring the new path of new paths involved in rural revitalization in rural enterprises. The financial services model of "Xing Village Loan" is the exclusive financial service model for the Agricultural Bank and the National Industrial and Commercial Federation of "Wan Qixing Wan Village". The financial service model is shared by both parties to determine the list of high-quality wentnth enterprises in the "Wan Qixing Wan Village" action, and the industrial chain of enterprises and investment agricultural rural areas, providing priority loans Support and online comprehensive financial services, through joint enterprises to promote rural rejuvenation.

  According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Public Business Department, the Ministry of Agricultural Bank has four prominent features of the financial services model of "Xingxian, Xinggu Loan": First, this model is completely docked with "Wan Quanxingwan Village" action . It reflects both the agricultural banks jointly and the multi-linkage characteristics of the joint private enterprises, but also reflects the theme of "10,000 Enterprise Hing Wan Village" action enterprises, rural revitalization, and highlighting credit support, satisfying multiple Financial service concept of demand. Second, this mode is the integration of integrated financial services products.

It is not a single credit product for a specific object, but a comprehensive financial product service package issued by various primitives and demand for the "Wan Enterprise Village" action chain.

Third, this model reflects the requirements of preferred customers and compliance operations. National Industry and Commerce is recommended to the Agricultural Bank to participate in quality enterprises that participate in the "Wan Qixing Wan Village" action, and the joint screening of the two sides to determine the list of key support enterprises, financial services and credit funds should comply with national laws and regulations, financial regulatory requirements and agricultural banks. Regulation.

Fourth, through this financial service model, it can be well-concordated.

For the business associations at all levels, more financial resources and financing can be introduced for the "Wan Qixing Wan Village" action; for the Agricultural Bank, the customer and business of quality private enterprises can be expanded; can meet the private enterprises in the countryside Its credit funds and comprehensive financial services; for the township to the village, more funds and various resources can be introduced, bringing industrial development, farmers’ income, etc..

  According to statistics, since the launch of "Hing Wan Village" in the country, the 37 branches of Agricultural Bank have docked with the corresponding provincial business association (Chamber). As of the end of September, the Agricultural Bank has provided financial services for Wanjia private enterprises participating in the "Wan Enterprise Help Village", providing 10 billion yuan of credit support for Wanjia private enterprises, with a total trust of over 300 billion yuan. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.