Of the three children, Zhao Zhennan has the fastest mind,My sister sees through their old bottom,Not at all shy,“peaceful,I can’t tell the truth,It seems that we are not so deep。”

“Hahaha……”Loud laughter,Several kids are laughing and jumping,Very happy。
Zhou Chengyu snapped a finger at Zhennan’s head,Feint:“Eat at the restaurant every day,There are meat and vegetables,Brother, I treat you harshly?”
“No no,Seongwoo is the best,Cook all good dishes for us,We all eat gluttons。”
“Yes yes。”
Willow laughs enough,Then I straightened up and felt Anning’s slightly rounded chin,Point to Zhou Chengyu,“I will take them there first,You wait until the restaurant is closed,The food stall around the corner,Let’s go,Let’s go。”
“Sister is so nice,I love you!”
“I knew there was something delicious tonight,So I had a little dinner。”
“Brother you are too bad,I have a full stomach,What to do if you can’t eat?”
“Cool companion.”
Zhou Chengyu is not willing to place orders,Ask the staff,Just followed them,Watching the few people in front of you,Also laughed。
The intense heat of the day has dissipated,The evening breeze brings the scent of osmanthus,Clean and tidy street,People who come out to enjoy the cool,Walking slowly in twos and threes,Don’t live too good。
New fancy street lamp tall and bright,Make people’s shadows long,Xiao Anning keeps jumping,Touch my belly for a while,Said dinner was too full,Can’t eat anything,I was arguing about tofu,Eat squid.