All of Su Pengzhen’s little brothers are extremely excited,Even the princess who accompanied the wine yelled in excitement,At least after this round of celebration,I doubled my commission again!

KTVEveryone inside is excited,No one noticed,The door of the private room was opened and closed,No one noticed that there was another person wearing a Monkey King mask in the celebrating crowd。
Xiang Chen doesn’t know why a monkey’s mask costs 20 yuan,But when I saw the wine bottle and fruit plate in Su Pengzhen’s private room,Xiang Chen told him that he must have investment if he wants to return!So Xiang Chen hid behind the Monkey King’s face,A sunny smile appeared。
“brothers,Are you dressed up as a clown??You went to the wrong room!”
I don’t know if Xiang Chen’s sunny smile illuminates the darkness,After putting away the smile behind the mask,The people next to Xiang Chen suddenly grabbed his shoulders,The tone at the beginning is pretty good,Only afterwards,Basically rely on roaring sound,Xiangchen’s eardrum hurts。
“what are you doing?Do you like to scare people?”
Xiang Chen pushed away the man who was lying in his ear and shouting,The disgust on his face is blocked by Monkey King’s mask。
Xiang Chen’s actions made everyone in the private room notice him,Then the princesses who sell wine quietly walked out,The rest of the men’s eyes focused on Xiang Chen,Then he picked up the nearest wine bottle。
“Kid,Are you here to be funny?”
Everyone is ready,Just waiting for Su Pengzhen’s order,And Su Pengzhen at the right moment,Stand out。
“I’m here to collect money!”
Xiang Chen’s voice behind the mask has changed slightly,But it doesn’t affect the laughter of people around。
“So you are delivering food!”
Su Pengzhen’s explanation to Xiang Chen,Push the atmosphere in the private room to a new height。
“I’m not delivering food,I just want to ask everyone,Are you interested in buying insurance for yourself?”
Xiang Chen’s questioning voice is serious,But it heightens the atmosphere in the room to the highest level。