“Brother Hu gets up,Technology!”

In the early days of the Republic of China, silver dollars were used as the main currency in circulation,Mass casting。On the collection market,The silver dollar of the Republic of China was led by Yuan Datou and Sun Xiaotou.,Has been sought after by the majority of Tibetan friends。
“Yuan Datou”with“Sun Xiaotou”Represents the currency culture of modern China,Reflects our country’s modern history、economic、The rise and fall and vicissitudes of finance,Has high artistic appreciation value and cultural relic value,It also has a certain value preservation and appreciation function。
“Twenty thousand?”Sister Lan couldn’t help asking again。
Populus nodded:“This one,Have an auction record,More than 20,000。But if I buy,I can only give you 20,000。in fact,That person should have seen it just now,It’s just that he still dare not be sure it’s true,So I gave up 10,000 yuan。”
He told everyone,It is not the denomination and weight marked on the coin that determine the price of his Sun Yat-sen silver dollar.,But scarcity。
The scarcity of each version of Sun Yat-sen silver dollar is different,So the cheap ones can be bought for 100 yuan,But the expensive ones cost tens of thousands,The price gap is still relatively large。
now,The market is full of fakes,People who want to collect this type of silver dollar,I have to polish my eyes。
Just like“Three birds coin”,The statue of Sun Yat-sen adopts the pattern of the Italian version of the 18th Republic of China,All sample coin steel molds are carved by the Philadelphia Mint,Only a few samples were minted。
“Three birds”The three birds are very vivid and lifelike,Strong dynamic wings,And the fake three birds are stiff and dull,The spread of the wings and the bird’s head are unclear。
Secondly,The sun’s rays are genuine sun rays,The protruding Yang Xian cannot be made,therefore,Only use tools to punch out the Yin line,Line-yin-yang,The difference is particularly obvious,Is an important feature for authenticating。
“This one,Is genuine,Not difficult to identify。
unfortunately,This is a one-yuan silver coin。If it is a half-round silver coin,It’s worth the money,More than one million。”
Although the face value of the silver coin has become smaller,But in the 21st year of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen was like a gold standard coin,Once sold for more than 1.6 million。
In addition,In the 25th year of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen’s five-cent nickel coins are also very valuable,Around 100,000。