I’m still above Huangting Island at this moment,Crisis,Young man dare not neglect ,I took Xiaolong immediately,Stomped,The body will go away like a meteor,Although his cultivation is advancing by leaps and bounds again,But there are not many magical combat skills,Running fast or relying on a stomping。

The crisis in the imperial court does not know whether it will affect the outside world,But at least the coalition forces still exist,After running for some distance,The boy was far away and saw the big cloud rolling in front,Faintly fluttering with flags,I can’t help but feel wide,Allied forces camp here,It’s still a long way from Nungwi Island,Prove that the war was not fierce,Seems to be stuck。
Calculate time,I have left Wuxing Island for 20 days since being captured by Dongfang Ruiqing,I don’t know how long the defensive formation on the island will last,Elder Yi,I can’t be sure that he got out safely。
In order not to be discovered by the coalition,I won’t be aware of Li Tan’s whereabouts,The teenager turns around irregularly,Traveled a long way,In this circle, I also experienced most of the scenery of the free world,There are about fifty large and small islands,It is estimated that there are about a hundred islands in the entire free world。
Bigger island,The more buildings there are, the more complex,It is often only owned by big forces,There is no doubt that the largest island is Huang Ting Island,Own high ground、Plain,And the northern mountains and twelve peaks,More than five or six times bigger than Wuxing Island,Other such as Mingyang Island、Donghua Island、Xihua Island, etc. are all big forces bigger than Five Elements Island。
Already near Nungwi Island,The teenager suddenly felt something,The five-element temple in the gods also hummed,He can clearly sense the existence of the other three flames,Actually on Nungwi Island。
The teenager dare not get too close,And to suppress the temple’s eagerness,Far from Nungwi Island,Slowly approach the Five Elements Island with a larger arc,Rao was so cautious that he ran into a team of magical soldiers,About ten appearances。
Suddenly encountered,Young man helpless,He can only kill most of them with heavy hands,Just leave two live,God’s cultivation base is just entering the realm of false gods,Easy to control。
“Who are you under?”
“The young general belongs to General Xue of Xihua Palace。”God will answer。
“From Five Elements Island?”
“Exactly,I’m waiting for a wandering scout。”
“What is the current situation on the Five Elements Island?”
“No battle,I haven’t hit much in the past ten days。”
“What about ten days ago?”
“I played a few hard games,The young general in the first battle never went out with the army,I just heard that the golden barrier at the front of Nungwi Island was completely destroyed。”
“Completely knocked out?Your coalition is so capable?”The golden barrier is naturally‘Five Elements’,When he was taken away by Dongfang Ruiqing, he didn’t have time to collect,Propelled by the three sacred flames,I didn’t expect to be broken by the other party。
“Is knocked out,Master Mu Yunmu put out a formation,Hard punch,Many brothers died after statistics。”
“Who is Mu Yun?”