Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Ok!I’ll accompany you in and have a look”

Parked the car on the small road in front of the villa,Gu Yue got off the car and ran inside。Xia Jian had to follow her closely。
Open the door of the living room,There was a quarrel inside。Xia Jian followed Gu Yue and walked inside,I saw on the sofa in the living room,Sitting a scrawny old man,Xia Jian recognized it when he approached,She turned out to be Gu Yue’s old you Gu Changlong。By Gu Changlong’s side,Sat a woman in her fifties。This woman is jeweled,Although it’s a half-old milf,But she still has her charm。And with this woman,Xu Yiming is sitting。
Xia Jian suddenly understood,This woman should be Xu Yiming’s mother。Didn’t Xu Yiming go abroad??There should be nothing good for him to sit here。
“What are you doing?My dad is not well,You better not annoy him”
As soon as Gu Yue walked over,He said in an angry tone。
Which woman snorted coldly:“What is bad?He just hit me,If it wasn’t for my son to stop,My life may be gone”
“Gu Yue!You call me immediately,I don’t want to see these two people,I don’t want to hear them talking。 They are not human,Guilty!Is this my retribution??”
Gu Changlong was trembling with anger,His face turned into iron blue。
Gu Yue stepped forward,Crying:“dad!you can not do that。Why do you have to make yourself angry?What do they want?I think besides fate,Can give them anything?”
“Gu Yue!What you said is beautiful。You look,Yiming is your father’s flesh and blood,But now?What does he have?……”
“shut up!Does my dad give Xu Yiming less??Even for him,My dad told me to withdraw from Yunmao Group。But he?Be yourself to death。What do you want to do today??”
Gu Yue’s face changed,Interrupted Xu Yiming’s mother。
At this moment,Xu Yiming stood up,He laughed and said:“Gu Yue!I am also Lao Gu’s son,I am now mixed up like this,He has to manage!But he said he didn’t have any money?If so,Then sell this villa,We two divide equally”
“brute!You get out”
Gu Changlong was furious,Ignoring Xia Jian and standing behind Gu Yue,He grabbed the fruit plate on the coffee table,Smashed towards Xu Yiming。
But Xu Yiming not only doesn’t retreat,Step forward,Grabbed it on Gu Changlong’s collar。Xia Jian has a look,With a puff of anger, he rushed out。He took a step forward,Grabbed Xu Yiming’s arm,He just let him loose his grip on Gu Changlong’s collar。