Don’t look at Li Lilisi’s black hair、Yellow skin、Black eyeball,In fact, the second generation of immigrants who grew up in foreign countries like her,He was educated from the West since he was a child,Basically, Xia’s traditional culture is considered rotten、Ignorant feudal superstition,No wonder she is not optimistic about Chen Xiu’s acupuncture to stop bleeding。

“All right,Thirty seconds,Get out,Don’t prevent me from opening my stomach twice!”
“and many more,Wait another ten seconds!”
“I said for thirty seconds……”
Li Lili is dumb to say here,I saw it inserted in the wound and waited for the needle to stop bleeding,She couldn’t believe it and squeezed the area near the wound with her finger,Seeing that there is still no blood flowing out of the needle。
“true……Really stopped the bleeding,This……This is not scientific!
543 Immortal Pill and Nine Turns Cultivation Record
Ye Zicheng directly photographed Chen Xiu’s hand in anger:“What I said is real,Why don’t you believe me。I really didn’t talk nonsense!”
“letter……I believe……”
Chen Xiuzhen was afraid that he would break the wound thread when he got excited,I had to talk perfunctorily and believe。
“But your expression is obviously unbelieving!”
“Uncle Ye,You are really not confused,I have observed my expression!”
“Humph,I know you don’t believe it!”
Ye Zicheng wanted to struggle again,Chen Xiu quickly pressed him and said:“Uncle Ye,I believe,I really believe it.,Don’t move now。and after?”
“Later, as soon as Wei Kai that bastard knew that it was actually