The boy suddenly turned to sleep,He is lazy to explain to the elders,Can’t do it,Why not say anything。From now on,He must prepare for the decisive battle four days later,From physical and mental to spiritual strength,Not at all sloppy。

This battle must be won,Dongfang Ruiqing can’t afford to lose either,There are tens of thousands of eyes in front of the two armies,Plus two gods,Is the testimony of the life and death of Five Elements Island,It was also a desperate fight of the Donghua Palace Dongfang Family’s life hanging by a thread。
A battle with Dongfang Ruiqing the night before yesterday,The youth’s confidence soared,If it hadn’t been suppressed by the blazing sun,,Hit to the end,No one knows who will die。
But have to admit,The divine power that can suppress the young,It shows that Dongfang Ruiqing’s cultivation strength is much stronger than that of the young,But his weakness is equally obvious,Lack of spirit,Relying too much on old and harsh experience,Too conservative,Lack of flexible use of divine power,to be honest,Dongfang is only deeply cultivated,Haven’t touched the threshold to enter the ranks of the gods,Maybe he won’t touch it in his lifetime。
This threshold is very mysterious,Meet but not ask,It’s not just through repeated practice,Big Eyeball once said,The free world is too backward、Too crude,Did not establish a fundamental cognitive system。
The so-called divine energy is only the improvement of certain skills after practicing with the assistance of the spiritual power of the spirit stone,Skill reached a certain height,Breakthrough,And we have reached another more advanced stage,The difference between stage and stage is the realm,This is actually quite wrong。
In the eyes of big eyes,Reaching a certain state and peeping through a certain state are completely different things,Free world,Most supernatural beings belong to the former,Powerful people at the godly level are no exception,If it really penetrates a certain state,Is equivalent to recognizing the changes in the rules of the world,Learn to use the power of rules to enter the room,Tianzun barely counts。
The boy spent a lot of time to understand these words,Even combing through the memory of the Holy Spirit,I finally got a chance one day,Although it’s not a room entry,But I have reached the threshold。
Whether it is the principle of mutual generation and mutual restraint of the five elements to improve and change‘Five Elements Death Formation’,Or use the characteristics of fire attributes to summarize the laws of different holy fires to greatly increase the counterattack frequency of the five elements.,It’s the understanding of a certain rule,What troubles the teenager is,Haven’t applied this understanding to his own tactics。
He admires the extraordinary learning ability of big eyes,Fight against Li Tan for the first time in the imperial court,It is far from its opponent,But found the opponent’s weakness in an instant and became undefeated,The worst is to flee,Li Tan has nothing to do with him。
With big eyes quickly grasping the rules of the free world,Can easily suppress Li Tan firmly,This is actually a super insight,It’s definitely not the result of crazy practice,The actual situation is that it has mastered a certain trick of understanding the world,Maybe its body is very powerful,Can easily capture this trick,Or maybe it comes from a higher world。
In short,Juvenile think,Regardless of the free world and the former ancestor mainland, it is the right way to develop in this direction.,Otherwise, it’s hard to escape the doom of being eliminated。
In just four days,Not enough for the teenager to go further on this threshold,The only hope lies in the fire of sky fire,If you gather the five sacred flames,I believe that his understanding of the divine power of the fire attribute will make a qualitative leap,This thing is on Lihuo。