Actually just these problems,It has become very difficult。

And see here,In this situation,Let’s not consider these things for now。
At this time, Wang Teng stood up,He said directly to Hong Deshao。
“All right,Now words,Don’t say so much for now。”
“Since this is the case,Then i think about it,There should still be this need to be resolved。”
Wang Teng’s words are finished,obviously,It makes the people around me feel vaguely,These things are not quite right。
But other questions,I won’t talk about it for now,But now,In fact, it should be completely dealt with。
“Humph,Wang Teng,Dare you come here to deal with me?”
See here,Hong Deshao’s face suddenly changed,Suddenly spoke directly to Wang Teng。
I just finished talking about Hong Deshao’s,obviously,at this point,Actually Wang Teng has already noticed。
slowly,While staring in front of you,In fact, Wang Teng was very direct。
“Actually originally,I don’t want to do this either。”
“but now,All of this is because you are wrong first,so now,I do,Is there something wrong?”
Now,When Wang Teng’s words are finished。