“Five Xeons,This is the case!”Said the giant axe,“Otherwise, you can try to block my axe。”

Chapter nine Xeon Supreme and Cosmic Sea Shake
Five Xeons!”The First Allah was silent for a while,The asking price。。。To be honest。
If he refuses,Although 80% of my life is guaranteed,But 20% may be killed on the spot by the giant axe。Although the giant axe is not stronger than the original ancestor—But the original ancestor did not have a helper who was good at the field。
Such a mysterious powerhouse,Although because of the strongest treasure,,But he still sees that the other party is a master of the universe。
A master of the universe who can suppress him in the field!
But pay five pieces of Xeon Supreme,He is also unwilling—If handed over,There will be a decline in the strength of the entire God Eye Clan。
The whole god eye family,The existing Xeon Extreme Treasures will not only be eight。
Don’t think this is a lot。
In the primitive universe,Almost half of the strongest have Xeons。
And at first、The Second Reincarnation Era,There will be a surge in the proportion and number of the strongest possessing Xeons。
Because at the end of each reincarnation era,The powerhouses of the first reincarnation era will be killed directly under the operation of the will of the primitive universe。
And the strong men experienced in this reincarnation era,A long time,There are naturally many treasures。They fell,A large number of unowned treasures naturally appear。
of course,Some strong people in the first reincarnation era are crazy,Throw all the treasures into some dangerous places,Some have entrusted the treasures to the descendants of the era of reincarnation early。But all in all, a large part of the treasures of this era will be acquired by latecomers.。
By contrast,The newly born reincarnation era is much poorer。
The God Eye Race is the strongest race in the first reincarnation era,There are more treasures than other ethnic groups。
But when the original ancestors rose,The God Eye Race has been taken away from a supreme treasure。And in the third Allah、Before the sixth Allah was captured,There are also 13 Xeons in total。
of course,Five of them have fallen into the hands of the primitive universe human race,If you take five more things—Only half of the seven gods eye tribe can hold the Xeon Supreme Treasure!
And if the human race plays these strongest treasures well,,Enough to gain the strength of the seventh rank of the strongest in the universe!